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  1. Hi guys not sure if these are any use to anyone but I have 9 standard cannon fireworks and an old box of matches. These were found in a wall cavity when I removed an old window frame , looked like some one had hidden them in the air vent above and they had dropped into the cavity , this was over 20 years ago when I found them , I’ve no idea how long they were there . I’m clearing out some boxes today and there they were . No idea if they have any value but I don’t want to throw them away if any of you guys can make use of them . John

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  2. georgehenry

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    pm sent to you john
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    You'll soon get rid of these.
  4. Interesting match box! I’ll ask a British matchbox collector if he wants it - please don’t throw it out...
  5. Checked with the British matchbox guy, and he does not want the match box. Thanks!
  6. No problem thanks for asking , don’t think they are of any value really just want them to go to someone who collects them . Thanks John
  7. Contact Nigel Galactic, he will def want them and pay the most.