Old Brook bangers

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  1. I was lucky enough for a customer to bring these in my shop today to go in my vintage collection.
    Could someone give a date please.

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  2. Saltpetre

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    Pre 1971 I would say :D
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  3. fozzboy

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    I think 50s/60s
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  4. blackbat

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  5. Escht

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    I've always thought they were from the 50's but don't have any price lists from that time ....... all I know is that by 1964 their bangers were priced at 2d
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  6. TONYB

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    originally came in a stock box just like this one and was bundled in 12s
    IMG_6380.JPG IMG_6377.JPG IMG_6373.JPG
  7. TONYB

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    brocks bangs also available with this label.....not sure which ones came first
    thumbnail (1).jpg
  8. fozzboy

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    Love those in the boxes , would give a lot for them..
  9. oh eye !
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  10. Firefiend

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    This is actually a box I own and it has one or two bands of the yellow banger towards the bottom. I guess they were sold at the same time. I believe they are 1950s as most bangers had increased to over a penny by the 1960's.
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  11. Escht

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    This was a smaller box I found in Flitwick couple of years back with few remaining bangers still in place..... a half size version of the above stock boxes. 72 bangers instead of 144

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