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  1. Please excuse my lack of knowledge on all of this, hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction...

    About 20+ years ago, my great nan used to do indoor fireworks after Christmas dinner and I'd like to recreate this year.

    Having looked, the packs are generally reviewed as being a bit rubbish now as all the good ones have been taken out through health and safety.

    Can you buy in the original form from anywhere now? Overseas? Anywhere in the UK?

    Thank you in advance
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    The ones you get now are all the same. No matter which brand you go for. Lots of little pellets that flash white or green, a couple of magic snakes (magic turds), tiny sparklers, some big long bengal matches and some weird and very naff little fags that puff tiny smoke puffs. They are indeed, quite rubbish.

    I do remember a particular pack called Pirate's Plunder when I was a kid. Some smoldering brown paper that looked like a palm tree, those little puffing fag things and some bengal matches but I do remember it having two little orange volcano things. Cone shaped pellets that burned with gold sparks and made tons of ash. I think they may have been Potassium Dichromate, A known carcinogen. So, back then they were still a bit rubbish but at least they were dangerous too...
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  4. It was the little bit of danger aspect that made them so rubbish they were great.

    The whole "Christ, that's burnt the table" whilst engulfing the whole room in thick white smoke is what they're all about. All the modern packs just sound so useless. Anything sparkly or slightly exploding and colourful has gone. And just filling the room with smoke while a sad little pellet smoulders quietly doesn't have the same appeal.

    Fingers crossed someone can help...
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    Might be able to help, although these are earlier items


    have the train and the paddle steamer version
    indoor train det.jpg
    IMG_9139.JPG IMG_9140 (1).JPG
    IMG_9142 (1).JPG
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  6. Are they originals? Will they still work if they're that old?
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    yes they are all original, would they still work, no guarantees but can't see why they wouldn't, they've neen stored dry.........
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    Good question. As noted, indoor fireworks mostly disappeared once chromium compounds various, the hard to manufacture Snakes plus some other slightly noxious chemicals were frowned upon from on high ( the audience were looking on smoking and drinking alcohol of course...). Efforts did deliver new offerings recently, but as noted, this was done thru' packaging and getting several of a single item rather than R&D supported new items. Interestingly, even one new product managed to include a toxic substance, and these had to be doctored and become "2 for 1" offers. That's a bit of history. My advice re: your question. If you get some indoor fireworks, party poppers, indoor sparklers, ice fountains, a table bomb ( "pyro driven" ones still available at a vast cost...), maybe some toy caps, Christmas Cracker snaps etc. - it's surprising what you can accumulate. There are also the "Joke Shop" products, and you can get smoke and "micro pyro" items there such as cigarette bangs, exploding matches I recall ( Nico of Germany...). Anyway, hope that's a bit of inspiration. One can only imagine what might be available on the Internet...JW.
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  9. Todays indoor fireworks are similar to those of yesteryear but no longer contain the volcano or burning paper effect (magic leaf) as they contained dichromates (although dichromates are still used in school chemistry lessons). Also recently gone is the smoke device (smoking monkey / dragon) as they now fall in to TP.

    They still contain flash pellets, snakes, bengals, sparklers and now have ice fountains, we have also added some fun snaps to bulk the pack up as we couldn't really think of anything else to add without becoming too repetitive. There used to be a pellet that produced a load of airborne ash but I can't work out the composition.

    The reason why people like them is because they are as naff as they have always been.
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    If you're referring to the old "snow storm" effect, I believe it was metaldehyde.
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    Lancaster covers snow cones in his book. Trafalgar, PM sent.
  12. Thanks, I'll take a look. It's also used in those joke cigarette things - but it's a question of getting the finalised composition to function correctly. I'll take a look later.
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    Those little smoke puff sticks are just nitrocellulose polymer rods wrapped in thin cigarette paper. The paper smolders and in turn ignites part of the NC which burns beyond the ash of the paper back down to fresh paper until the smolder catches up and the effect is repeated until all is consumed. Is it these which have been taken out of the new packs?
  14. I used to get the "Snow Storm" effect by taking a heated soldering iron to a fire lighter.

    That was in the 70's tho', not sure it would work with today's fire lighters.

    Please don't try this at home......:p:D:cool::rolleyes:
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  15. I think for indoor entertainment as far as pyro is concerned, you can't get better than magician's flash paper & string. It burns smokeless but it's very bright. Its use is only limited to your imagination.
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    Nitrocellulose wool / magician's flash cotton / gun cotton is what's used in traditional table bombs to throw the contents.

    Sparkle flash paper is available now from Illusioncraft along with coloured flash powders and allsorts of flash and fire gimmicks. I used to use that stuff a lot in theatre shows. Made an exploding spell book once that threw a sparkling comet up in the air from the pages with great effect.
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    Much cheaper on eBay from China. Comes wet so no risk of ignition. Dry it on a radiator for a few days and it's good to go.
    I did a Cubs talk last week and had about 10 A3 sheets of it. Blinding!
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    Magnesium formulation. Indoors? :eek:. Or, as Lancaster says, small pellets of metaldehyde to stick on the end of a cigarette.
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    I've never used this, so have ordered some, can't resist the chance of some off-season pyro on a small scale ;)
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    It's amazing stuff. Just don't burn your house down!