Old indoor fireworks

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    I'll practice in the garden first, and after watching some YouTube tutorials on it :) However if UKFR goes offline, that would be why.
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    Start with just lighting torn off bits of it, then you'll find that if you roll it into balls and stick them in a little tube they fire out like a mini Roman candle, then compress some and add visco and it gets louder... :whistle:
    You can modify it as much as you like because it's not classified as a firework. :cool:
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    Just picking up on this one, as I've finally had a chance to try it out, after drying it out on a radiator. Great fun, actually quite impressive flash and flame and no residue. I haven't really done anything imaginative with it other that setting it on fire or throwing it on the woodburner but definitely one to add to the list of indoor pyro fun :)
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    A few more indoor bits. I used to love the old tradition of having indoor fireworks at Christmas. The pack '20 Indoor Fireworks' is the one which later had the Magic Autumn Leaves (I think) removed and the pack sold on a 2 for 1 basis.
    Astra Box - Gunpowder Plot - Indoor Fireworks.jpg Astra Box - Hallowe'en - Indoor Fireworks.jpg C H Britten Box - Selected Non Explosive Indoor Fireworks.jpg Cleveland Box - Indoor Fireworks & Novelties.jpg Indoor - Ellisdons Magic Snakes - No. 56.jpg Indoor - Ellisdons Snow Storm Tablets - No. 41.jpg Indoor - Perfumed Cigars!.jpg Indoor - Tabella - 12 Items.jpg Indoor - Tabella - Combined Operations.jpg Indoor - The ''Derby'' in the Pocket-book.jpg Indoor Fireworks - 20 Indoor Fireworks.jpg Reliance Snap Co. - Indoor Party Fireworks.jpg Sharps Box - Indoor Fireworks.jpg Tabella Box - Cottage Series Indoor Fireworks.jpg Tabella Box - Indoor Fireworks.jpg Tabella Box - Indoor Party Fireworks (1).jpg Tabella Box - Indoor Party Fireworks (2).jpg Tom Smith Box - Dragon - Indoor Fireworks.jpg Tom Smith Box - Midnight - Indoor Fireworks.jpg
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    The older ones were so much more interesting. They seem to have gone super naff these days.
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    Great link... so many tempting things! :chair:
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    As Lancaster notes, manufactures for indoor could operate under less onerous conditions - it's a curious matter that there has not been much innovation in this area apparently - I could be wrong - in fact surprised the Chinese have not grasped the nettle and set their super highly qualified chemists and engineers to producing knock-out standard product !?! JW.
  9. Maybe we ought to have a contest between the members who can create the best Cat 1 firework :D
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    The problem with indoor fireworks is that houses have got smaller and more flammable and very much less well ventilated..

    With a coal fire in the kitchen the fumes from a small firework would quickly vanish up the chimney, with a gas boiler the fumes can't get out and soak into the plaster to stay around for a long while. Also the ceiling used to be 8+ feet up now it's 7ft up so the room is smaller.