Old or Rare Selection Boxes

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  1. BarnOwl

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    hopefully this qualifies as quite a rare selection box. The White Box special with contents from TNT/Millennium when TNT took them over around 2004.

    I’m sure this selection Box has passed through quite a few of the members on here over the years. It will be interesting to hear who.
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  2. Saltpetre

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    Lol it was perhaps mine Mike - Originally purchased from "the rocket box" in Salisbury "white box special" they called it so quite unique in terms of contents ...
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    Thanks for that bit of history Dave. It’s certainly an interesting box of tricks and a bit like trying to trace the family tree of a selection box.
  4. I had this box a few years back from Dave along with the Devco Aerial Box :)
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    so as the second owner Ash, can you remember who you sold it too?

    Also you should put the Devco aerial box up on this thread (if you still have it). It's a very nice and rare selection box that one
  6. Sparkler

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    Devco box from 1999
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  7. I only ever saw Devco fireworks for sale once many years ago in a seasonal shop, i bought a pack of rockets which were very good, hardly anyone stocks this brand now.
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    We stocked quite a bit of Devco during 2002, 03, 04. They did some really nice stuff. However, they had some very ambitious large rockets with massive payloads that never really got off the ground... BIG 'splosions from those.
  9. I have this box BS box of fountains and candles in my collection, not sure of the date though but up to 5 years old. Glad I paid a £5 for it and not the £22.50 it sells for in the Devco shop. The Devco website states 13 items with 175g NEC for the CE version.
    Devco 1.png
    Devco 2.png

    Not particularly old, just a comparison to the other Devco box in this thread. Also, this version has 15 pieces and not 13 like the CE which I believe to be the 2 roman candles.
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    Some great names and labels in that 'Thunder selection box of fireworks' @Sparkler
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  11. It went to Joss after i had it Mike :)

    Will get some photos of the Devco aerial and get them uploaded, will also get some of the old Brightstar aerial box i have :D
  12. Taken these photos from my collection thread for now,

    power pack.jpg
  13. Sparkler

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    What about this old Imperial box
  14. danielpyronutter

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  15. I believe they are the same company or formed from parts of the first one.
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    Yes it is Dan, from around 2001
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  17. This Devco box looks like a great night. Would be class to get some equivalent boxes available, only one I can think of is the Bight Star Aerial Attack which is a bit naff.
  18. Definatly dont make boxes like they use to :(
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    ‘Magic Cube’ is probably my favourite of their smaller selection box range. it’s not seen very often compared to some of the others.
    it also has some great names too!
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    80D52920-0191-4EC6-AD5D-9AE2B9D76B8E.jpeg Still sealed but don’t see many Panda boxes