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  1. First time i have seen those two BTP rockets with plastic headers before. I lost out on the flagged Standard Fireworks era as i went Cat 4 around that era .I saw a bit of stuff but only Viscofied (if that's a term !) hence those two rockets are a mix of old and new era's i never saw...Good stuff :)
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    I wonder how many *hours* of prep would be required - from start to finish - to rig that party box ? - inc. assembling all the materials, waterproofing, ensuring fuses available in the dark, good posts for wheels etc ? JW.
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    That - Viscofied - would be great on "Who wants to be a Billionaire?" - quiz - the final question - "in what context would you need to ensure everything was correctly Viscofied?" - for a billion £ - I kinda think the money would be safe :) JW.
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    In complete contrast in size to the Lion box shown by @JayT previously, this Cougar box has bags of appeal with some older GL items gracing it’s presence.

    Pollinating Bees in all its different guises was pretty much in all the small to medium Cat boxes. I like this version best with the solitary bee artwork on top and bottom of piece.

    28DFB948-43AF-4DF0-8CD9-876897DD702C.jpeg E3C06EAA-D29B-4519-AA5B-829122F901BF.jpeg
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    4C225297-95E8-4106-810D-6AC40925659C.jpeg Centurion box from early millennium. Don’t see too many of these around, so guess it fits the thread title.
    Still sealed, but needs to be opened and contents fired......
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    Lovely jubbly, look in top top condition too @BarnOwl
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  7. Golden Lion "Mine of Abundant Noise" what can you say other than what a great description .Quality that :)
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    We can’t deny that GL knocked it out of the park when it came to their naming conventions
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    They certainly did, I think there is a thread on here somewhere when discussing most of the names of them.

    It was the Cosmic group at their very best. Great names, artwork, packaging, performance and effects....
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  10. I remember those morrisons deals they were awesome , used to get all my fireworks from there and lidl 20 years ago
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    A few old Bright Star boxes. I know it's not the greatest brand in the world these days but the early items in the 90s were stunning to a school boy like me. We had the Family and Bonfire 'in period' and I bought a Guy Fawkes just like this on my first 'solo' pyro shopping trip in 2002.
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    The early Brightstar stuff was bloody good stuff for budget grade pyro. Then, like some others, they lost their magic. Black Cat being another.
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  13. Bright Star were originally Esco and they imported fantastic fireworks from both China and Weco, never quite the same once they changed.
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    IMG-20201105-WA0009.jpg IMG-20201105-WA0011.jpg IMG-20201106-WA0003.jpg
    Unusual box from a now defunct brand.
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  15. A box with a parachute in it, never seen that before!
  16. Where in the world did you find the Heroes box @JayT ?

    Thought they were long gone!
  17. I remember the single cake version :)
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    That parachute cake looks well dodgy!
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    I agree ..but I presume the burning time of the flares are very limited to prevent accidental fires!!
  20. At home on the 5th and restless rothy.

    So fired some odds and ends including a couple of tubes of 'spinning parachute' i.e. a small catherine wheel on the chute - over 20 years old and they worked perfectly.

    The originals were up to 100 shot and there was always a rush of youngsters to collect the parachutes from the field at the end of the show - just a single rope barrier in those days.

    Edit - Richard, please don't tell me they could have been worth ££££ unfired!