Old or Rare Selection Boxes

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    Malcolm...they would have been ........!.?,worth !??:rolleyes::eek: Unfired!
    Great stuff this...always slightly amazed the age that some pyro attains and yet performs perfectly...
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    Once ordered spinning chutes - the big cakes - from KF - they sent about 10 cakes instead of the two i'd ordered. I 'phoned up and paid the difference -then let about 6 cakes off in a row at Shugborough Round Table bonfire night - was great - BUT - children piled in immediately after the show - I went nuts - there were children picking up life items which were then proceeding to light and perform - very luck no issues - phew - good days :) J.
  3. I remember the spinning parachute cakes, they were called "Colourful Parachutes", often saw them fired at displays, i still have a few of the parachutes from one.
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    I always thought that parachutes were killed off when the BS
    first came into force as I cannot remember any parachute item
    into the 90s, I know that standards floating light ended after 1988,
    I have one of the blue last ones from 1988 with the union flag logo.
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    I remember at a school centenary celebration display that I did involving parachute lights ....there were about 30 or so and the wind got up and took them straight over the crowd and some fell into that crowd...no worries tho..the only damage was to a nice chap’s overcoat which was singed.. who said he’d enjoyed the fireworks so much it didn’t matter..
    As you say..Good Days!:rolleyes:
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    When KB used to fire my local display at Stanborough lakes in Welwyn Garden City the final brocade shell, fired from across the lake, often used to rain down burning embers at ground level into the audience. Nobody ever seemed to mind!
  7. Yes, BS7114-2 1988:-

    3.3 Burning matter (category 2 fireworks) Any burning or incandescent matter which falls more than 3 m away from the functioning point shall be extinguished before falling to a height of 3 m above the ground.

    3.4 Burning matter (category 3 fireworks) Any burning or incandescent matter which falls more than 20 m away from the functioning point shall be extinguished before falling to a height of 3 m above the ground.
  8. Yes, I remember the colorful parachute cakes from around 1988. I still have some of the recovered octagonal parachutes made from fine tissue paper. An amazing amount of handwork. I think they were flower basket brand. Some of the early Chinese material was incredibly novel.
  9. Ah those vortex wheels were awesome, loud screaming drivers if I remember right
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    Yes as I thought, I remember the standard floating
    parachute lights before 1988, the ones with the union flag logo
    are marked BS 7114 and the standing distance is 5 metres which
    after would be marked as garden fireworks with the 5 metres,
    yes early BS instructions, these were the last floating lights of that year
    to make through the transitioning period.
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    Good gen Malcolm...it makes you realise the work that goes into the governance regulations for any product ..particularly to gain the CE mark.
    But if you look at the script of the text above ..it would be simpler to say that:-
    ....” burning matter ( cat 2 and 3 fireworks) etc which falls more than 20 m away from the functioning point...dadededa...of 3 m above the ground”.
    Civil servants and law makers can and very often are far too verbose ...gawd!o_O
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    A lot of cobblers in other words and unnecessary nannying, it annoys
    me that bangers airbombs and all the other good old stuff has been taken
    from us.
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  13. I've not been involved with any CE legislation drafting so am unfamiliar with its small print in relation to those clauses.

    Obviously, much revolves around the amount of labour involved and it is far easier to mechanise shot-tube products so, even if allowed, will probably never come to market again.
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    A post office in the north west!
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    Blimey, fireworks in a post office, now that is a blast from the past
    haven’t seen that for at least 25 years or more.
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  16. Newbie here, but been a bit of a lurker. I have this Red Dragon box - my only one - that I am sure I got in the 1990s. A couple of them are labelled Astra - the Green Dragon and the Fortune Cone.

    Is the 90s date likely?



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    Interesting. Slightly different to the one I had.
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    my fantasia box as bought 2.JPG P1170058.JPG 002.JPG
    A nice couple of boxes that I had years ago.
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    Funny those are super cool now, but looked a bit cheap at the time.
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    They were nice boxes. Fantasia was a 2001/2 box with a few blue touch items, came from an online fireworks shop in London, I had it delivered must have been around 2006. Showtime was a stock clearance special, I bought 6 at the time from the factory shop. All had the same backbone of items from 2002ish but then the rest was made up of 90s flag loose items both Chinese and British.
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