Old or Rare Selection Boxes

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  1. Pyro Ed

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    I do miss larger mines.
  2. Richard Lane

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    Like this!! 5B1D085C-CC0F-4066-8B76-4690657CBF51.jpeg 972A010D-ABEB-4FEC-83EA-293296F2B8FC.jpeg DC9BDCFD-D010-42EC-85F6-734D4E8F4CED.jpeg 7A0D1F17-EF47-4294-99B4-397210EA648A.jpeg
    Ed...Like This!!:rolleyes::eek:.....
  3. JayT

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    I bet that mine was impressive in use!!!
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  4. Looks around 175mm that mine .Kimbolton 100 & 125 MM were mad enough . I bet it lit the back garden up a bit :eek::D
  5. Richard Lane

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    It was from Hamleys ...the Regent street Toy shop...and although it’s a dummy word has it that Brocks made live ones to special order!
    Must’ve been something to behold:eek:;)

  6. Pyro Ed

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  7. Richard Lane

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    ..EXACTLY !!....Quote Pyro Ed

    :cheers: R!
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  8. BarnOwl

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    Fireworks International selection boxes certainly don’t seem to feature or come up too often...
    Although undoubtedly they made some classic lines in the early millennium with the likes of Crazy Horses, Triple H Bomb and the relentless Tigers Revenge...I felt they never quite cut the mustard in the Selection Box department compared with the other leading brands of the time...
    Still here is the Topaz box from
    Circa 2006 with it’s 15 minutes of fame.
    1E4148B4-E14D-4AF9-9021-AA5191CCAD90.jpeg A35B9DED-F8C1-4CF9-8178-12240BABAAB1.jpeg BC8A4D94-EC9C-40B0-BDBA-B298DA4D02E0.jpeg