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    Can anyone identify how old these are? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    A lady bought them into our firework shop today covered in dust & cobwebs for disposal.
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  2. Air Bomb King

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    I remember buying those triangle type boxes from about 2002 up until 2005, looks like there's maybe some fireworks missing(?)

    I wouldn't mind buying them
  3. 2003/4. They only did the triangle boxes for a couple of years as the retailers moaned they were difficult to store apparantly. They then went to conventionally shaped boxes with the same contents for another few years before going supermarket only.
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  4. Air Bomb King

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    Did all of the boxes in the Standard/Black cat range go to the triangle shape Jay or was it just some of them? As I remember seeing a mixture in my local co-op but this could obviously have been left over stock of the other shaped boxes. Isn't the 'Comet Dust' selection box on Epic's website from the same sort of time as this?
  5. Just the Standard ones were triangular. They were pretty good fireworks actually, some fantastic cakes/candles in the bigger boxes. Banshee those Howitzer & Grenade launcher candles are from a big box in the triangular 'rainbow' series.
    The comet dust boxes epic have are from the comet series standard did for one of the supermarkets. Think it was Asda.
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  6. Sparkler

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    Never remembered seeing the triangular boxes but can't be many left now so good to find for a collection, I have a comet storm which is the standard shape and that has some great looking items in, picture in other thread
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    Forgotten I had this poster.........
    IMG_3554.JPG IMG_3555.JPG
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    Yeah I remember them being good quality stuff Jay have got a grenade launcher in my stash not fired it yet. Doesn't seem to be a great deal of these boxes knocking around would of thought more people would of stocked up on and saved such an unusual and limited edition item.
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  9. I had 2 rainbow blacks and a rainbow blue 3/4 years ago but fired them : (. They were good though...
  10. Air Bomb King

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    Don't blame you I'd probably do the same to be fair, I'm surprised more collectors don't go after them though
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  12. The Red Box were the first ones my family ever bought, I remember them too well! That was 2004/5 and from then on I was hooked.
  13. Tinderbox

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    early to mid 2000's. Get em lit.
  14. I have one called a Pandorah's Box if anyone is interested
  15. Does anyone have a picture of the contents in the black one?
  16. Got a photo?
  17. Ah yes, remember these being in the factory shop at Huddersfield a few years back. Couple of nice cakes in there.
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