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    Just completed a "batch run" of 24 sheets of A4 BTP. Having established a baseline with previous efforts, just looking to address any "production" issues when doing a batch. Could be anything from variability of burn rate to improving the actual handling, drying etc. The recent hot weather was a bonus of course. Once I find another hour I'll update on "findings" :) I note some old pyro used the BTP paper minus the oxidizer for finishing the top part of the device. The BTP itself was used as expected. This gave a device with a large area of BTP colour at the top part - rather jolly. Think some mines were finished like this.
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    I think I know what you mean. Instead of the twisted stuff with fizzy KNO3, some devices had a flat covering of blue paper that did not fiizz? Just for the look. Think I recall seeing it once or twice. Perhaps on a bouquet of candles once...
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    There was a long period when Chinese factories used blue paper with visco in the middle, then the colour blue became just any colour -reds yellows etc, then even the representation of blue touch paper vanished.
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    Didn't Brock's Chinese stuff use blue tissue twisted with visco?
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    Amazing coincidence: here's some of the described fuse I found earlier, lurking in an old Bisto tin at the very back of my shed. A kind of instant ( but mostly crap ) selection box/tin
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    Think this box was from around 1993, some of the earliest of these had a mix of old style blue touch and the blue tissue paper with visco.

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  7. Who were MSA fireworks?, never heard of them!
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    Awful stuff:D.
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  9. Sounds like they didn't last very long then!
  10. I can't recall where it came from or who MSA were. They're heavy pieces but I guess that's probably the clay

    The Cosmic stuff came from a fair sized box. I like the Cosmic labels. I have the empty box somewhere :cool:
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    The MSA label names are more like Cat4 descriptions.
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    When referring to BTP colored paper I was really considering the style of finish on the - right hand of pic - mine here from a previously post. Sometimes the blue paper finish is a different shade to the actual fuse BTP. The "spout" - the little delay + fuse unit - a tiny tube with a sparky comp using in bangers - also shows this use of blue paper sometimes. Interesting. Clearly the labour and materials which moved a product from technically viable to ready for retail was very considerable and no doubt costly. JW.

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    Demo of BTP on dummy items. Note that the dummies are built so they *CAN'T* be mistaken for the original article. They're also just empty cases as can be seen. Issues such as length of BTP ( how much on tube, how much above ) and various ways of finishing the paper by crimping up, winding up etc. still being investigated. WP_20190615_14_52_14_Pro.jpg
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