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    There are several terms already in existence:

    Bobble Hat

    All of which I happily ascribe to.
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    A good example of a decent attempt at period pyro is in one of my all time favourite films The Great Train Robbery filmed in 1978 with Lesley Anne Down b(PHWOAR!), Shaun Connery and Donald Sutherland. BErtholet first synthesized KCLO4 in the late 1700's. The film is set in the 1850's so basic colours were by this time were seen in fireworks. I don't know who provided the pyro display being shown at The Crystal Palace. It should most definitely have been commissioned to Brock's who were still going strong during 1978 and so I am guessing they are the most likely candidates.

    They get it just right. They probably even made the pyro to spec'. If nothing else, it's a brilliant excuse to watch an amazing film on a shitty Sunday in your jim jams!
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    Can't say I get that bothered when pyro is used in tv and films as to whether it's right for the period........... but when it comes to war films and Jeeps !!
    Having had 2 Jeeps in the past, one being an early 1942 variant I'm still niggled when they use post war versions in WW2 based films......big visual difference, .......
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    or the machine gun that lasts forever with out changeing the mag, lol.
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    ...and tank types ...the usual attempts at German tanks in war movies..typically US Pershings with cardboard shapes stuck on...it’s got much better recently..the film “Fury” had the best Tiger Mk 1 mock up for close up shots..and they had a real Tiger loaned from the Bovington tank museum for the long distance shots...great...at last!!
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    Fury was a great film,
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    Some practice with the various processes of (non-pyro / chemical ) elements of a small device. Idea is to learn a bit more about what went into a "simple" device and understand some of the nuances of same. Approach is to do a bit of vaguely systematic fabrication then review the output for all the faults and issues. This pic contains many examples of "issues" - so then each can be addressed on next iteration. An idea is that these skills and knowledge can then be applied to e.g. repair of old dummies. Any pondering welcome of course :) JW.

    paper tube making.jpg
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  8. Very cool. Hand rolled tubes?
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    Yes, 100% hand made. I've purposely let variation happen, everything from tube length to how far the spout is pushed into the body. From this I'll write up a list of "Q/A" type issues, consider how to address each one most "efficiently" and have another bash.

    There is a fair bit in print about the chemistry side, perhaps less so about the real subtleties of paper, glue, formers, method & tradecraft, cutting, rolling, drying etc. All these are small items, but in the tradition of lean ( philosophy & manufacture ) each issue adds up - to either a good or less good result - so it's interesting to do my feeble investigations :) JW.

    p.s. having built balsa flying models in the past, it took me a long time to realise that the small kits aimed at kids were much harder to build that the larger more expensive models. Balsa as thick as a match stick for a main component takes some real handling. I'm wondering if e.g. 4d Bangers require in some ways more (hand) skill than say a 30mm candle !?!

    p.p.s the skill in some of the small elegant Chinese items, with their tiny fuses, delicately manipulated components and fine finishing is a marvel :)
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    Definately more craftsmanship involved that folk would imagine. These look great.
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    Hi, & Happy Easter - does anybody have a "proof" type sheet of the paper used by Std for their pyro covering - it's the blue paper with the white "constellation" type small white blobs and connecting white lines - as used on the bodies of many medium sized shop goods and larger display items? I need to have a few sheets for pyro repair of various old cases lying around...A scan of same, in e.g. A3 or A4 would be fine, can use online printer to order a few sheets. Best; John.
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    Owt on Maurice Roberts heritage site you can manipulate?