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  1. Hi all I am new here and I am really needing help. We bought single ignition firework for my daughters wedding and have been asked or get insurance so wondered if anyone on here could help with reasonable price insurance? It's only for 2 min display bit for a quote of £252. any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks Gaileen
  2. Where abouts is the wedding?
    Last I heard was nobody was offering daily insurance anymore.
  3. It's in Scotland Pathead
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    The Insurance Experts ( did one off display insurance, but it's not cheap. I enquired about this last year due to the lack of displays owing to Covid and it was about £350 for one display.
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    That's an eye-watering price @POB's Pyro !

    @Gaileen have you been through all the companies that come up when you Google "fireworks insurance"? Also who asked you to get insurance, do you mean it's at a third party wedding venue? You could always save it and fire it another time from one of your gardens.
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    £95 on the link above looks better :)
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    I should point out that my quote last year was for £10m PL and also EL insurance. It's worth checking with the venue what their minimum PL insurance limit is as they may insist on £10m rather than £1m.
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    I'm NO expert - BUT - you definitely want to tread VERY carefully - one approach is to contact a local firework company - with blanket insurance - transport, operator, public etc. - and get a quote for them to set it off. In practice, you'll want a piece of paper from said co. confirming they're doing the show for you ( the ownership of the pyro item being fairly irrelevant ). Said co. might be fine and just send an operator at cost etc., if it's a nice safe site. If you get trouble with insurance - use the firework privately and do something else - NOT worth the risk and anxiety of using an item and "hoping for the best". You can make simple inference from the lack of availability of one off insurance - risk too big - reward too small. Sorry to pour water on great aspirations - better safe these days I'm afraid. Welcome differing views :) JW. p.s. old maxim for insurance - "get what you pay for" - insurance varies in quality like everything else...
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    ...and remember that the insurance is only as good as the alignment to the 10,000 pages of small print. The bigger any claim you make, the more resources the insurer will bring to bear to say that it was not set off correctly, site no good, too much wind, operator not trained....again, department of you can't win...J.
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    p.p.s...sorry to be downbeat - I've spent MANY a happy evening doing private / pub' and similar shows. Either under umbrella of a pro co. or some other insurance arrangement. I would not entertain that activity now ( i.e. anything non-pro...) - the "more innocent" days are gone and one spark near the limo and they're on you like a ton of the proverbial. J.
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    Welcome to the forum and hope you can get sorted.
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    Hire a pro team and relax. Anything goes wrong, they'll take the heat.