Ordered some Skycrafter bits, lets see.......

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  1. Despite he dubious reviews of items think ive got a good deal on some items being sold off so lets see how they are!

    Will fire them with other brands items and see if they can stand up, but at the pricing they should punch well above the price point have got them for, or so I hope!!
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  3. If you put aside the silly pricing and the pre-UK product footage, a lot of Skycrafter is actually very good in my opinion...
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  4. The Real Mackay
    Major Skyfall
    Raise the roof
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  5. Some of the retail pricing is a bit crazy agreed.

    Have watched a number of videos of each from different suppliers and they don't seem bad at all, hopefully be worth the prices paid!
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  6. paul s

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    You shouldn't be disappointed with Scycrafter generally; just regard the rrp as being twice what the product should retail at before discount.

    The matter is what else is available at a similar price......lots.
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  7. Probably a good way to look at the pricing!

    Yes you have the nail on the head, so so so much choice now its crazy. Not that I'm complaining but could only imagine the headache retailers face trying to decide what to stock for customers!
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    That's easy - the best quality at the lowest price! :cool:
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  9. They are all good at half price. I certainly enjoyed Redemption
  10. From what I've seen of skycrafter, the cakes just need to be found at the right price and they're more than able to compete, Swords of Fire is a very good smaller end cake, unfortunately I don't have the space for the bigger stuff now
  11. I was careful not to mention the R word ;) :rrpnotagain:

    Redemption is ok depending on which version you got. At least now retailers can specify whether it's 1.3g or 1.4g.
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    When will you be firing the real mackay?
    I would love to see a UK landed video if you can film it.
  13. Honestly not 100% at the minute, they are surplus to requirements so could be fired any time but cant help a bargain (or so I hope they are!).

    I was supposed to be back in the UK in June but work schedules have changed and not actually sure when going to be back at the minute, worst case be BFN!
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  14. Ssssshhhh no words on that topic!
  15. paul s

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    Agree with that, in the main. (Seismic Blast is a good sib, although again price dependent). ALL fireworks are good when the price becomes low enough.

    Half price on this range is very much full price. It bothers me that some unsuspecting joe could end up paying twice the worth if charged catalogue price, or even miss out on something better due to the lure of a 'bargain'.

    I supply commercial stationery as well as many other things. There are basically only two top of the tree wholesalers, both of whom supply huge catalogues with prices that are so inflated that practically every line attracts a discount of up to 70% or more. I'm supposed to con my customer into thinking I'm offering them a massive discount.......would anyone pay £5 for a simple ring binder file? (They cost me £1 and I sell for £1.50, which is the 'normal' price). For this reason I advise my customers to totally disregard all the catalogue prices in their entirety.

    I try not to sink low enough into conning my customers into believing something is half price when it is quite simply not true. In the long run this has worked for me; customers now trust my prices/service.

    Remember Double Glazing salesmen..........?
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  16. I'm in sales myself so fully understand the logic in what your saying. Personally I just regard huge discounts that are offered all the time as a sign of a struggling brand/product.

    The last time I got fireworks was 2011 and back then Brothers items always featured in my displays, when I came back to buy some this year was surprised to see they aren't really around much and the choices of new brands in the 7 years gap is bewildering.

    Personally I try to research what I'm buying, youtube is a handy tool if only as a guide and the forum here is very helpful with products too.

    Fireworks are one of the products we cant just try before we buy unfortunately so do need the advice of others who know and use them more, appreciate demo nights etc happen but they are all but impossible for myself.
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  17. I thought Redemption and Raise the Roof were two of Brothers/Skycrafter best new products last year from a display point of view but I gather that they did not sell very well due to the publics perception that for the price they were (about £80/£90 last Bonfire Night) they were not good value for money compared to a single ignition at that price that would last for say 2 minutes (I know, completely different animal but if someone comes in with £80/£90 for one firework they are not likely to but something that fires all its shots in 20 seconds). Consequently, deals could be had with them to make them now good value for money as well as outstanding products performance wise.

    It was interesting to see Major Skyfall at Brothers last demo evening.We had last fired one 12 months previously and you tend to forget how good a product was and it was interesting to see that in our opinion it outperformed many of the newer items they had introduced.

    Regarding Real Mackay, the demo evening one apparently fired quicker than the production ones do and it was our intention to film one in the next few weeks but as have just put them in our sale and sold a large percentage of our stock on the first day I don't think we'll have any left by the end of this week so even my one for filming could well be gone.
  18. Not surprised they have sold well at the prices you had advertised. Will look forward to receiving mine!
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  19. Agreed. I really like Major Skyfall (except for the massively puffed-up packaging and RRP) and it goes to show that China pre-production samples don't need to be OTT. Though I don't know if this was done on purpose for Raging Inferno etc. since the King Reborn and Hercules Limited under-performed at the demo night.