Our display for this year.

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  1. Just done our annual firework display for our youth group.

    First time using my new wps hobby and wps mote.

    Made a script using the software provided.

    All cues fired, bit windy on the night so ruined a few effects, and couldn't use rockets.

    Really love how easy the wps hobby and wps mote

    Only have a Facebook live video of the fireworks so I thought I would share it. Learnt a lot from this forum.

    Next time need to add more delay in the script for the fuses.

    Link to video : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?st...stmartinsbradley/videos/821954851316500/&_rdr

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  2. Looks good, shame about the wind but that can't be helped! I would be interested in any thoughts on the WPS note+software :)

    Was there any particular stand out pieces on the night?
  3. The big daddy and threes up were great together really filled the sky.

    Wps mote and the software really easy to use.

    Just add your firework duration in the software any delay and when you want it to go off.

    Then just hook up your wpsmote to Pc upload the script then your ready to go.

    Never used anything like this before and found it really easy.

    You can check all the continuity of the wpshobby on the wpsmote.

    Might even try it with music next time.
  4. Just had a look at the WPS website. Looks an interesting product when used with the software.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, Adam.