Pain's & Pains-Wessex Fireworks

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    My favourite Bangers.............
    1930\'s - Pain\'s 0.5d Furykrak.jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1.5d Cannon Crasher.jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1.5d London Rouser (1).jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1.5d London Rouser (2).jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1.5d Zing-Boom.jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1d Crash!-Bang! (1).jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1d Crash!-Bang! (2).jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 1d Furykrak Banger.jpg 1950\'s - Pain\'s 2d Supersonic Bang.jpg 1950\'s - Pains Little Terror.jpg 1960\'s-65 - Pain\'s 2d Little Terror (Mitcham).jpg 1960\'s-65 - Pain\'s 2d London Rouser (Mitcham).jpg 1960\'s-65 - Pain\'s 3d Supersonic Bang.jpg 1966-70 - Pain\'s 2.5d Cannon Crasher (Salisbury).jpg 1966-70 - Pain\'s 2.5d Krakerjak (Salisbury).jpg 1966-70 - Pain\'s 2.5d London Rouser (Salisbury).jpg 1971-73 - Pain\'s Cannon Crasher (Salsbury).jpg 1971-73 - Pain\'s Little Terror (Salisbury).jpg 1974-76 - Pains-Wessex Blaster (Salisbury).jpg 1974-76 - Pains-Wessex Little Terror  (Salisbury).jpg 1974-76 - Pains-Wessex Mighty Atom (Salisbury).jpg
    Pain\'s Fireworks - Cannon Crasher Bangers - 12 in a Box.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Little Terror Bangers - 12 in a Box.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - London Rouser Bangers - 6 in a Box.jpg
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    Out of interest, were any British bangers ever flash powder based, or did any make a decent bang? My memory of Standard and Astra bangers in the late 70s/early 80s was that they made a rather dull "phut".
  3. As usual Firefiend comes up with quality stuff !
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    There were plenty of flash powder bangers around up to the 1950's. Information I have from a DTI leaflet indicates that they were phased out by the 1960's. In 1961 the black powder content was reduced from 40 to 30 grains max. In 1979 it was reduced by a further 20% (I assume to 24 grains). It's no wonder they only produced a dull phut'! They were banned from sale on 31/12/1997. I let off a couple of old poor condition Excelsior flash bangers a couple of years ago and they were much louder than the last of the BP bangers and both ended up split from end to end.

    Perhaps I should have made this thread just Pain's & Pains-Wessex to add their other fireworks, but can't edit it now!
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    Done at your request.:)
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    Checked my banger collection, have these 4 versions of Cannon Crasher,,,,,,,,,,
    cannon crashers062.jpg
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  7. To be honest, the 'phut' emitted from bangers didn't really bother me but that's because I was grew up in that era when black powder was used and so I was accustomed to it.

    The ban still rankles me and always will. It feels like someone has discarded an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of pyrotechnics :mad:

    Just out of interest/curiosity, does anyone think it'd be a fair idea to bring bangers back into sale to the public but, on the flip side, they'd be deliberately made expensive so that only those (18+) who really need them have to pay through the nose? I'm thinking of something like £25 - £30 for a pack of 10 bangers. Think it'd work? :D
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    I only included examples of the general label styles and end sealing (clay or wax). The shorter of the two colourful versions was a 2d from Mitcham and the larger was the 2.5d from Salisbury. Noticed that I accidentally included two identical London Rousers!
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    1950's and earlier Pain's....
    Pain\'s Fireworks - Spinning Top.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Roman Candle with Brilliant Stars.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Dizzle Dazzle.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Dragon\'s Flame (1).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Dragon\'s Flame (2).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Forge Fire.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Humming Spider (1).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Martian Ray.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Golden Rain.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Painite Squib With Report.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Broadcast Spangles.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Electric Wheel (1.5\'\').jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Pinwheel (2\'\').jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Rocket with Brilliant Stars.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Sky Rocket.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Torpedo.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Electric Whizzer.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Jet Comet.jpg
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    1960's-70's style Pain's...........
    Pain\'s Fireworks - Feathery Fire.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Bright Roman Candle.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Satellite Roman (2).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Satellite Roman (1).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Butterfly Twinkler.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Dragon\'s Flame (3).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Dragon\'s Flame (4).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Emerald Cascade.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Golden Spangles.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Sunset Strip.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Humming Spider (2).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Mount Vesuvius.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Lightning Chaser Rocket.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Polaris Bright Rocket.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Spangled Star Bomb.jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Sparklers - Stella Electric (7\'\') (Made by Octavius Hunt).jpg Pain\'s Fireworks - Fire Ball.jpg
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    1974-76 Pains-Wessex...
    Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Red Floodlight.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Hot Rod.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Halley\'s Comet.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Skyway Patrol.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Humming Spider.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Surprise Roman Candle.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Silver Fountain.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Stars and Stripes.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Dynamine.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Witches Cauldron.jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Pinwheel (2\'\').jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Pinwheel (3\'\').jpg Pains-Wessex Fireworks - Apollo Rocket.jpg
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    minuteman rckt pains wessex063.jpg minuteman rev066.jpg

    Can add this to the debate, Minuteman Rocket


    Wasp Helicopter
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    So now we know where you got your avatar from, Firefiend.:)
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    Now I'm definitely sure I know you Firefiend! You were at my 21st birthday party a few years ago....;)
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    Correct and I remember it well, especially your birthday cake and the outfits!! It was a great evening and I still have the pics. I did not link your Pyromania name to the other name you use!
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    Well spotted Julian, just see that hidden in one of the photos!

    Yet again these photos are amazing - thanks to everyone who is taking the time to upload :)
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  17. A few more Pains items.
    2012-03-10 20.56.57.jpg 2012-03-10 20.56.21.jpg MOUNT PELEE.jpg JACK IN THE BOX.jpg
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    Missed one unusual Pain's item......
    Excelsior sold the same item (Excelsior Flash Ray Gun)
    Not sure it was quite "The answer to the Banger" as they put it in their advert!!
    Pain\'s Fireworks - Flash Ray Gun.jpg
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    If anyone wants any I have some spares of these available........ set one off last year, emits sparks and was better than i thought it would be, didn't destroy the item during the burn process........ might do another soon and video it.
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    Is the Excelsior brand Essex Pyrotechnics sell related to the southport company ??I belive there is a golf course on the Excelsior site at Southport now and the only reminder to the past is a hole on the golf course called .."The firework factory"