Pains ships distress rockets.

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    I heard about these ages ago but managed to buy them this weekend. Both dated 1959. both live. I only want one so open to swap on the other. Do they just come in red as they are distress? Beer for scale only!

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    Nice. So, are these the traditional skyrocket type? Says "insert stick". The film Titanic shows the ship's hand using skyrockets rather than the rocket in a tube launched from the hand. I wonder how these things would have held up if they got wet? Bare composition to be struck on a bare striker composition doesn't seem a great idea to me. What about rain, sea water etc..? Interesting.
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    I woke up and couldn't sleep. After I saw this post I searched for videos of these rockets in use and ended up watching this the whole way through. Get a cup of tea and sit comfortably, this is chilling:

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    Interesting link, chilling at the end as we all know what happened. The rocket was fired with a stick. Does anyone have any idea of the length of this and whether it was square or round in section? I want to make one up. Cheers.
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