Palms Away.

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  1. Billy Brutal

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    Has anyone fired or seen a Hallmark Fireworks 'Palms Away' yet? I have added two to my finale... IMG_6450.JPG I don't normally buy fireworks that I haven't seen a UK video of, but I thought I'd risk it as I haven't been disappointed with a Hallmark piece to date.
    The stock footage looks good but is a 100 shot version...

    The landed product is 80 shots, Z firing gold brocade cake, similar to Planet's 'Coloss... Sorry, Zeus's 'Coliseum'. Less NEC though (Coliseum = 984g, Palms Away = 880g)
    I assume Coliseum is 30mm bore whereas Palms Away is 25mm. I'm hoping it will be good. What are your thoughts?
  2. What's the full finale?

    I'm almost certain it will be quality although I've not fired one myself ....
  3. Billy Brutal

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    3 x Sovereign Noisy Neighbours
    3 x 25 Shot Dum Bums (original version)
    2 x Palms Away
    Assorted Sovereign Mines!
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  4. I’m sure Coliseum is also 25mm, someone correct me if I’m wrong...
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  5. Nice piece, I'm guessing 1.4g
  6. Firework fanatic

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    that sounds like a sweet finale good job :cheers:
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  7. Billy Brutal

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    Oh yeah, it is indeed 1.4g
  8. It's very good, need to compound it double the time. Or maybe shockwave first then that.
  9. trueblue_ips

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    Nice. I was just thinking after seeing the video that's @Zeus Fireworks Coliseum.

    Yes, I think Coliseum is 25mm.
  10. hofnerite

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    Looks a bit faster than Coliseum. But could just be the 'chinese video' effect.
  11. Madfish

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    :dontask: It's Hallmark- I'm sure it won't disappoint :)
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  12. scoops

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    @Billy Brutal, sorry to test your memory but what we’re they like in the end? Any vids??
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  13. They are good pieces you won’t be disappointed but if you fire 2 place them back to back for ultimate cross firing.
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  14. RCT

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    Yes good cake, used a pair last year as part of the final for part 1.Sorry no video.
    If you’ve got the space fire next to each other at 180deg as suggested by WR3.
    Individually I think Coliseum is better, bigger and wider, but 2 x Palms Away easily beats Coliseum.
    A decent cake at the normal selling price, so I think you’ve probably had a total bargain there.
    Blue Lagoon is another decent cake, see if John puts those up in is bargain special offers.
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  15. Billy Brutal

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    Sorry no vids but they were good.
    I had these last year which were awesome...
  16. There will be a new multi effect fan in the Hallmark range this year called Hazy Fantazy which will also be worth looking at
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  17. Yes, fired 2x from the same position, but the Z's in the opposite direction a few years back. Added some kings , messengers etc over the top a d it was a great finale for a large garden :).
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