Papa Pig and friends

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  1. Can't see these lasting long before they're sued

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  2. We had one called Harry Popper once complete with Harry Potter font and got away with it.

    However in our Indoor Firework pack we had a Flash Gordon and The Hertz corporation in New York who own Flash Gordon decided they would like to sue us.
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    Can't see that being a good seller for Diwali.
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  4. Why do you think that?
  5. If you look at the ‘Gemstone’ range they also have products called ‘Power Ranger’ & ‘Princess Sofia’ both of which will also could also land them in trouble
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    How do you sue a Chinese company? Or do they just sue all the sellers?

    Disney have recently taken a much harder line on infringements of their rights.
  7. Shame as I have often thought a range of GOT related fireworks would be a well named hit;

    Blue eyed dragon
    Iron throne

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    FA8D45F5-8E9D-4F21-B226-FC9484B8D2D1.jpeg The Chinese don’t give a f*#k anyway
    Here’s one from a warehouse in luiyang this year
    Somehow dont think they paid the rights for that:rolleyes:
  9. Looks nothing like batman
  10. To be honest you’d possibly get away with just using names, it’s if you use the same fonts and imagery that you’ll land yourself in trouble

  11. lol, yeah, Diwali is sikh, Hindu and Jain.
  12. I love copyright rip offs. o-JUSTIN-BIEBER-SEX-DOLL-570.jpg
  13. from the video it actually looks like a really good firework too
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    Hindus and Jains don't eat pork. Sikhs do if it's halal.
    ... but that's another thread and as my post was meant as a joke we'll leave it there I think. :rolleyes:
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  15. All in good spirtit; but as a Jewish Vegan I tend to pick up on these things! Hindus , Sikhs are Jain often choose tofollow a vegetarian diet, and typically avoid beef, if they do eat meat. They won't outright refuse meat though, although I think some Sikhs don't eat kosher or halal.

    as i say, all in good spirit here, i know nothing was meant in a nasty way nor do i mean it as such.