Cake/Barrage Pink Mojo

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  1. My video of Pink Mojo filmed 14/11/20. Filmed around 60m away

    : RRP £32.99 - normally sold for around £25
    Number of shots: 25
    Duration: 40 seconds according to package, 30 seconds in my video
    NEC: 333.5g
    Bore Size: 25mm
    Category: F3 - has previously been F2
    Hazard Class: 1.3g
    Noise Rating: 8/10
    Firing Pattern: Straight
    Batch Number Fired in Video: MC19-7
    Year of Manufacture in Video: 2019
    Description: Pink stars with red plum (ghosting), red stars with red strobe and red coconut pistil with red plum.
    My Verdict: A very nice piece on the theme of pink/red. The bursts are big and loud. The red plum (ghosting) is very nice in this piece. An ideal piece for gender reveal.

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    Very nice - reminds me of Kimbolton's old Red Glistening Stars.