Cake/Barrage Planets Collection

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    RRP £11 each (sold as a pack of four, or individually)
    16 shots
    Cat 3
    Filmed by me at a Planet test firing, October 2012.

    Jupiter, low noise comets:

    Mars, all mines, low noise except for crackling ending:

    Mercury, low noise, alternating gold and silver fish, both with blue stars:

    Saturn, low noise, spinners:

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  2. RRP: £11.50 each or £23 for all four (2013)
    Category: 3 - 25m
    Shots: 16 (each)
    Duration: 30 seconds (each)
    Shape: Straight
    Class: 1.4G

    A variety of four nice effects, but I imagine they will appear slow and repetitive if fired singly and I think they look a bit messy if fired all at once as seen in the video. I'm sure there's a good combination to be had with these somewhere though.
  3. Great Northern Fireworks

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    Not at all, each cake is different, exciting and great value. They are designed to be fired singly and have been a best seller year after year!
  4. Great Northern Fireworks

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    Yes of course, they are priced at £12 each (buy two, get two free) but we would do a deal on solo purchases. They are a nice meaty little family of cakes.
  5. Perhaps I'm too impatient to fire them singly but I did end up buying a case of these earlier in the year to fire in pairs in a 'V' shape to add a nice bit of variety to displays :)