Pleasure as always (John) fireworks South Wales

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  1. Lee boy

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    BIG shoutout to John for supplying me with top notch pyro as always what a true gentleman :) can’t wait to get back to upload a stash video. But in the mean time here’s a shop tour of some of the pyro John stocks down at fireworks south Walse, he also has so much more not on show.

  2. Lee boy

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  3. Wow, colourful willows and crazy diamonds. That's my personal favourite firework.
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  4. Lee boy

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    And it’s B.S bud ;). Trying to build up my collectors items
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Colourful willows and the sig compound are great pieces, I may have had the garden 1 before but I think there are a few different versions, will be great no doubt 30mm Klasek.
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  6. Lee boy

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    The sig compound has really got me excited mate. And professional can’t find a vid on YouTube so that’s got me very anxious. And I really love the B.S sovereign fireworks brought a load back in 2014 off Gary who use to own Essex fireworks. Don’t know if are be firing colourful willows, mite hold on to this with the cube items
  7. Pyro Pete

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    Nice stash, and a very white room ;)