Plymouth BFC Champion of Champions 2019

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  1. Illusion Fireworks

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    The dates for this years competition is Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th August and the competing teams are as follows:

    Wednesday 14th August – Blitz, Illusion and Selstar

    Thursday 15th August – Fantastic, Aurora and Star

    Aurora came second to Gala Fireworks in 2016 and take their place.

    Firing order to be confirmed later in the year :)
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  2. blackbat

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    See you down there, Karl :).
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  3. Sean Smythe

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    Accommodation booked and down there for the week :):):)
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  4. Jon Coles

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    I can't wait!!!
  5. Rebelmatic

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    see ya all there!!
  6. Dodgey

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    Nice. Fleapit booked so I can stay and drink :)