Plymouth BFC Champion of Champions 2019

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  1. The dates for this years competition is Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th August and the competing teams are as follows:

    Wednesday 14th August – Blitz, Illusion and Selstar

    Thursday 15th August – Fantastic, Aurora and Star

    Aurora came second to Gala Fireworks in 2016 and take their place.

    Firing order to be confirmed later in the year :)
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  2. blackbat

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    See you down there, Karl :).
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  3. Accommodation booked and down there for the week :):):)
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  4. Jon Coles

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    I can't wait!!!
  5. Rebelmatic

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    see ya all there!!
  6. Dodgey

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    Nice. Fleapit booked so I can stay and drink :)
  7. Slight change to proceedings:

    Wednesday 14th August – Phoenix Fireworks, Illusion and Selstar

    Thursday 15th August – Fantastic, Aurora and Star
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    Who wants a room for the night free pm me
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  9. littlegs

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    Looking forward to it already, best of luck to everyone going.
  10. shellshocked

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    I’ve heard that fantastic have pulled out of Plymouth, hope it’s nothing too serious, what with the sad news recently with kimbolton
  11. blackbat

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    Yep, tis true.
  12. Spent some time talking to Rino this afternoon, there is nothing untoward and FF have genuine reasons for withdrawing, a real shame as Rino is a great show designer and I know he was really looking forward to the opportunity.

    Seems to be becoming less and less of a champion of champions sadly.
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  13. With three previous Champions withdrawn from the competition it was suggested to TESA that the team days are restructured so that the three remaining previous winners fire together head to head on a Champion if Champions night and the remaining competitors fire together on the other night. This will preserve the CofC element of the competition. The organisors are yet to decide on how to proceed or confirm a replacement company.
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    Be good to know as I have a B&B booked.
  15. gunpowderplot

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    any news who have replaced fantastic fireworks at Plymouth yet
  16. Not as yet, it’s a little up in the air at the moment.
  17. scoops

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    No pun intended...
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  18. gunpowderplot

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    any further news regarding cofc teams yet
  19. gunpowderplot

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    star fireworks have dropped out then