Plymouth British Firework Championships 2018

Discussion in 'Firework Events And Displays' started by Illusion Fireworks, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Illusion Fireworks

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  2. Billy Brutal

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    Think I’m busy those days. ;)
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  3. dogsbody

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    May do. Im off to the scillies early on the 10th so not sure yet
  4. I hear there are people already camped out on the citadel to be certain of a good viewing position.:confused:
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  5. I will be there both days. Booked my accommodation weeks ago.
  6. Dodgey

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    I'll be there on the 9th ;)
  7. We are there on the 9th Shannnon will no doubt have some goodies for the crew to munch on .
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  8. starseeker

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    Sure are Karl ,

    Really looking forward to your show ,i imagine there might be a few salutes in it !