Plymouth British Firework Championships 2018

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  1. On a more interesting note how many individual cues/ channels did the winning display use ?
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    Our show used around 2800 cues and was fired using FireByWire setup in two firing networks :)
  3. Illusion Fireworks

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    You do realise this was our first year and we have never competed before?
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    @Pyrok21 have you actually watched the show? If I were you I would watch it again! Quality pyro or not, the whole show had a fantastic rhythm, the sequences had exceptional timing and choreography. The bottom and the top complemented each other an such a clever way. That was definitely the best show I have seen in the UK.
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    Don’t worry Karl, as the saying goes, you don’t make omelettes without cracking a few eggs!
  6. Without companies like illusion gala mle jubilee fantastic amongst others going all out for the win the whole event would become a very mediocre affair. This event was originally put on for companies to show off there skills which illusion did very well indeed. Some displays I’ve seen there in recent times have been a bit shells ‘n’ cakes bonfire night bonanza style. given the adavances in firing systems and there availability along with a ever increasing variety of products it seemed that the event was being diminished. I understand illusion spent many months preparing,sourcing,planning for this display and it showed. The event needs more competitors with a similar viewpoint to carl’s In it to win it mindset so it becomes a great showcase for the uk fireworks industry. He also has a good beard.
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    I was crewing for pheonix and yes illusions fallout blew out one of our single shot positions, but thats the nature of three shows being in close proximity. It wasnt a problem for us and we all had a great time.
    I think the change in rules this year didnt add anything to the competition, a winner the first night and a winner the second night with an overall winner of the two really was odd. The first night shows were in my personal opinion a bit lacking in effort, that said Fully Fused was the best of that night.
    Do you think Pyro21 was trying to make the point, if it was a level playing field on budget? If All shows were the same amount would the results be the same? Looking at the video (our view was mostly smoke) i think yes as Karls design was really good, but would it be more of a competition if they tried that?
    Anyway, congratulations to Karl and all the Illusion crew, well deserved.
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    It was a pleasure working alongside one of the major industry old timer companies, and I will say, the banter with Mark and Phil in the taxi on the way back was A-class. Great atmosphere on site albeit a little hectic between our shows. We always try to be good sports on site and found our selves lending bits to both Smart and Phoenix. I agree with what you say about the format - what if three teams fired world class displays on one night and three teams took the money on the other? I know two teams at least would feel exceptionally hard done by and rightly so.
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    If Pyrok21 wanted a level playing field then compete in the firework champions as that is their rules. It sounds like sour grapes to me as the company she works for were competing at Plymouth this year. Bringing up her point about the car park, that is part of the fallout zone and her team were also landing debris in it, that is why it is called a fall out zone.
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  10. So let’s say every team is allocated £10k each gets £2k to cover costs like hotels transport crew feed etc then you can spend up to £8k on product instead of the N E Q or N E M limit that currently exists. However you only get the money for the product you use at the trade list price, so there would be no incentive for companies in it for profit over those in it to win it and it would create a level playing field amongst companies genuinely wanting to win. You’d submit a cost breakdown of your product rather than its explosive mass. Would this make for a better event all round ? Overheard this idea being discussed a few years back.
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    I have been on sight in Plymouth many times. Site set ups very closely nit! Karl and his team have worked tirelessly building and focussing his efforts and expertise into a wonderful industry watched and marvelled by many many folk. illusion are simply following in the foot steps of many wonderful companies this country has to offer.

    May long it continue.
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    Over the last few years, the competition circuit in the UK has IMHO become quite serious. In effect it has grown up. Rules are evolving in the right direction and the audience benefits to some incredibly well designed displays. I've seen a lot of Plymouth displays over the years and what Illusion did for 2018 is similar to what Shellscape did in 2002/2003. Stepped up and left everyone speechless. I can honestly say it's the best I have ever seen at that event.

    Now Illusion have a reputation for going for it and that's the attitude for competition. It reminds me of Ragley 2017 before Illusion replaced Sonic. We were going for it and after the announcement and a lot of swearing, we ripped up the design, went balls deep and tried harder. Anyone who knows poor old Jon, will know what that design meant to him. It's an attitude we will use again at future comps as we are considering Plymouth for the future.

    Based on the rumours I was hearing and the pictures on facebook, I really wanted to see what Illusion were going to do so I drove a car load down each night and I'm really glad I did. The journey down contained of a lot of conversation about catastrophic failures at previous events and we decided that if Illusion don't get a system meltdown or a destruction of equipment then they will most likely win it. Did any team really step up and take them on? How do you do that event now? At the moment I just cannot think how I would start the Plymouth display without copying Illusion.

    Plenty of others have mentioned it already but the audience reaction at the start was massive. Talk about shocking everyone. How many ladies wet themselves, I lost count and then to do it twice more just to be sure we're awake. Yep, you had everyones attention and you didn't let them go. The applause at the deliberate pauses and then at the false finale and finale was the loudest and longest I have heard at Plymouth. A very well deserved win.

    Competition should be the best you can do which doesn't explain why two teams (again in my opinion) went home with money in their pocket.

    It's not about the money you can spend. Again from the past I know of one company who were financed (by Daddy) to win Plymouth. It didn't happen.

    It's about design and product and a team that all work in the same direction. The design was clearly a winner and who knows how many hours went into that. The product was from countless countries and it showed on the night. If you saw the first night then Fuse had the right product (some of it better than Illusion) but the display design was missing. Fully Fused quite rightly won 2nd place and their design was excellent but let down with lower quality product. You could see the difference in colour depth between Fused and Fully Fused.

    There are the usual rumours about rules being bent or ignored. Powder weight seems to be the biggest. The same happens in F1 and a year later the rules change. Fireworks Champions changes the rules each year to keep it fair. So can Plymouth if it's that much concern.

    Next year for COC I shall book a room as it's going to be one of the best.. Six hours driving after a full 8 hours in the office at my age is hard work.
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    Well said /\ :)
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    A fantastic post Nick, I had to chuckle when another company owner (I think it was @Fire Monkey Pyro ) called me up and simply said ‘what the f*cking hell goes on in that head of yours mate’ - I just design the show I want to see and that would excite me if I were to watch it.

    Some people have suggested we ‘bought’ the trophy or that I could have just won it with 50% of the product. I go all out because extreme quality and consistency is crucial and I want to do the absolute best I can with the best material and nothing short of that.

    We don’t just buy European, we buy the best manufacturer of an effect - if that is Celtic (like those horsetails) then I’ll buy Celtic - there were probably 30 plus manufacturers pyro in that display cherry picked from almost every Cat 4 importer in the UK!

    We were pretty thorough with our NEC submission and complied with site checks - we were right at the top end of the allowed NEC of 550kg though.

    I can’t wait for 2019!

    And Nick - 2020 - do it mate :)
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    Well said mate. This is exactly why myself and the rest of the crew love being part of your family. You put so much love and care into every display whether it's a comp or a small wedding. That it rub off on us and gives us the same feelings and sence off pride you have. I've never refered to illusion as a company I crew for. I've always seen it as our company. And im 100% sure I'm not the only one. That why when others try to attack the yourself or the company I and the rest of the family take it very personally. I know I don't need to say this but carry on with what you doing as I love the fact that your not just trying to match the standard. But set it.
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    Well said Lee, I was thinking the same way. The excellence of the show is always the important thing so that the client gets the best possible experience. Karl’s passion for the shows he designs, however large or small, is very contagious. Keep it up mate and keep pushing the boundaries.
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    I'm not really into pro displays as such. but have to say @Illusion Fireworks put together a very special display, one certainly worthy of first place. The comments on PyroAsh's first video say it all really.

    Congratulations guys. :cheers:
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  19. Hi Guys. As a regular visitor to the Plymouth Championship, I'm curious about some of the comments made on here regarding 'buying the win'.
    I'm certainly not claiming to know what I am looking at but it seems that some display companies 'go for it' using the words that some of you have used. But it also seems that some companies don't 'go for it'. I don't know how much one of the displays cost, but I am aware that there is some financial assistance given for entering the event. And so to criticise the winners seems to me to be in poor taste. I can only imagine looking at the lower standard of some of the displays compared to the winners display.....not only this year but also in previous years, that perhaps some companies use the event as a profit making exercise, whereas some companies want to be (in the spirit of the word championship) the British Champions.
    I can't believe that any display company would enter this event being naïve enough to think that they could win without 'going for it'. So I guess that some don't want to win. And being the cynical person that I am I can only assume that they can put on a display and make more profit from it than the winning team.
    As a spectator who pays a bucket load of money on hotels etc. to attend the event, along with the thousands of others should we expect to be treated to displays fitting of what I can assume are 6 of the best display companies around each year. Or should we expect to only watch 2 or 3 displays that would be worthy of winning the British Championship.
    Congratulations to the winners this year, and last year etc., etc. And thank you for 'going for it'.
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  20. Jon

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    The money offered is not enough to cover a large winning display and pay crew/food/accomadation (though most offer free camping) etc. I think you are wrong to suggest anyone profits from not trying. Infact many do not pay crew at all for competitions because there is no money to do that......but I won't go down the free work argument again on here.

    Those who go for it spend thousands more than the competition holders offer as the organisers get some great displays for little money (oh what a controversial point someone can jump on!).

    Most companies enter on a tight budget and do Their best, they try to win in the nature of the competition but largely they will chose cheaper material and less material to stay within the financial constraints of their company but may not look as good as other companies displaying that night where money is no object.

    There has always been contentious issues with competitions and companies who have won in the past tend to spend more money and make a loss for the title then stay within the reimbursement budget. However, this is not always true so don't assume I am saying people buy the trophy, I have certainly seen winning displays within budget.

    Most competitions are restricted on weight not money and how you create fairness in a world so vast with material as fireworks is very difficult.
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