Plymouth live link up

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  1. Illusions show was something else.

    Best show I’ve seen in UK for - well I can’t remember

    Brilliant stuff.
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  2. It was an Awesome display Warren
  3. Are you here? I’ll buy you a beer.
  4. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    News just in, beer shortage announced in Plymouth. Norwich fireworks retailer suspected to blame :cool:
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  5. No unfortunately ............ Had a hotel booked, me and the mrs was heading over but had to change our plans last minute :( work

    I would be buying you a beer pal

    Watched it on the live stream

    Be more like Manchester retailers if I was there that is lol
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  6. Gotta say if I knew it was so far away I wouldn’t have come. I’ve got jet lag.
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  7. Totally agree, amazing show, WD illusion.
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  8. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

  9. Just wish Dave could have made it down.
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  10. Illusion Fireworks

    Illusion Fireworks British Firework Champions 2018 UKFR Sponsor

    Me too, he was there in spirit though :)
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  11. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    He’s been very quiet. What if he got drunk and joined the Navy?
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  12. elmo

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    Hello sailor;)
  13. I got back early hours this morning after a couple of detours!
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