Po Sing Fireworks.

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  1. Did anyone on here either sell or fire this brand of fireworks?, i often saw shop posters for them but always after the 5th when sales had stopped so i never got to buy any, i have seen them on American vintage pyro sites too under the name "Peacock" brand and was wondering were they any good?, didn't seem around for very long over here, the posters always showed a selection of small but interesting looking rockets which i would have liked to have seen fired.
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    I did some poster pics the other day ready for selling them, guess what was amongst them
    IMG_8680 (2).JPG
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    The only Peacock Brand I know of is the one in Savikasi, India. They adobted the old Standard brand though a personal relationship with A. Chelladhurai who visited Standard many times. Never heard of any other but obviously there was...