POLL: Cosmic Mega Air-bomb vs. Bright Star Proton Bomb?

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Which was the loudest?

Poll closed Dec 4, 2018.
  1. Cosmic Mega Air-bomb

  2. Bright Star Proton Bomb

  3. They were both evens!

  1. Air Bomb King

    Air Bomb King Lord Of Noise Supports UKFR

    Myself and @ashley_ng have just been debating which one of these two legends is louder? Cast your vote ;)


  2. ashley_ng

    ashley_ng Supports UKFR

    Always thought Mega airbomb had the edge personally :p lmao
  3. Protons all the way!! A proper TI salute !!
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  4. Proton Bombs were excessively loud!
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  5. Bring one down mate we can fire a
    Dum Bum vs proton to add to the Vs challenge collection !!
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  6. Definitely proton bomb.
  7. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    It's no debate - Cosmic without doubt.

    I fired many of both back in the day.
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  8. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    I voted Cosmic too... just seem to remember it being louder. But those were my Stella days too, so everything is a blur ;)
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  9. Don't know what people are on, but Cosmic Mega's are definately not louder than Proton Bombs, and I'm the world's biggest Cosmic fan boy and fired both in recent times. Proton Bombs are a proper Titanium Salute.
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  10. Having fired both recently, I vote Mega Air Bomb are definitely louder. Id say youve fired duds to believe otherwise.
  11. ashley_ng

    ashley_ng Supports UKFR

    Got to agree bud, prefer brightstar over cosmic personally but got to admit all the megas ive fired against protons have been louder lmao..
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  12. Are you all mad ?!? Lol protons are bloody loud only one thing to do :dontask:
  13. TONYB

    TONYB Supports UKFR

    the correct answer
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  14. Flowerpot Master

    Flowerpot Master Pro Firer/Crew

    Protons all the way!
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  15. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox Pro Firer/Crew

    Thinking about this, we are overlooking quality of sound by focusing on volume. To me the Proton Bomb had a harder/sharper report where as the Mega was a bit bassier. It had a deeper boom. Both could easily be within the same decibel range but both had their own sound signature. Personally I preferred the Mega to the Proton purely because it was a deeper. more menacing boom. Protons always seemed a bit harder hitting with a much sharper sound. So there. I haven't chosen on loudness. Just preference to tonality and feel. Plus, Mega also had a nice coloured comet too.
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  16. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    Cosmic mega airbombs were insane. I miss those days!!

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  17. Much louder and a proper Ti salute!!

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  18. Air Bomb King

    Air Bomb King Lord Of Noise Supports UKFR

    I agree with everything you say there about the different types of sound, they differ noticeably. However, in regards to basing your vote on that aspect, the poll is focused purely on volume hence the question being "which is louder" as that's what we're trying to establish. If you feel the Mega is louder though, then fair play.

    Is that your video @Pyro Ed ?

    @pyro_man - There's another Proton video on your channel which I think does it more justice than that one ... seems to pick up the echo more. Saying that though, no video in the world could ever give us an accurate reflection of either of these two beasts!
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  19. Pyro Ed

    Pyro Ed Pro Firer/Crew

    Yep. An original from back in the day. Amazing echo! Glad Facebook didn't exist then...
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  20. Well the votes are level pegging but will we ever have factual proof?! :p