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    Good evening,

    I have been watching pyros today (on amazon prime), and I think it's interesting how different health and safety requirements are depending on which country you are in. I have been doing some googling and found something called a Post Display Report from what I can tell its very much a US thing but not a lot of uk information on this.

    Does anyone know whats the purpose of this document and what sort of information is included?

    For companies that fire aboard whos health and safety/regulations do you follow?

    I apologise for a boring post but what else was I going to do on the first day of lockdown.

  2. We fill out post display reports, details things like actual show conditions, notes on the firing site / venue / client, any issues arising, misfires, live leftover etc.
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    Can’t say I’ve fired abroad but I’d follow our H&S precautions, any limitations on pyro used as a result of local restrictions is normal pre show prep. Ditto on post report
  5. It’s all down to yours and your sponsors insurance and operating procedures I guess.
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    Tbh I’ve only seen variations in pyro abroad, h&s seems to be a little less important in some cases ;)
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    Some sort of debrief should be standard procedure after a display - at the very least a phone call, text or e-mail back to HQ to let them know that everything went OK. If something doesn't go according to plan, the way to learn from it is to look back with the benefit of hindsight and work out what happened, why it happened and what to do in order to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    My 'day job' is in technical theatre, and it's standard practice across the board, from West End to the tiniest regional fringe production, for stage management to complete a written show report after every performance. This will cover everything from the mundane (who was operating what during the show, running/playing times, audience numbers, etc.) to the unusual (detailing anything which deviated from the norm, whether it was on or off stage). That report will then get e-mailed to everyone concerned - those directly involved in the performance, producing management, venue staff, the creative team if they request it, and anyone else with an interest. That way, if anything arises which requires some sort of action everyone has a chance to contribute to a debrief or solution. There's a lot to be said for this sort of idea being adopted as normal practice in the firework industry.
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    Yeah we do post-show reports - they are part of a default RA packages that is handed around by insurers' inspectors, and other industry trainers. None of it is mandetory but it's good practice. My guys almost always don't fill the buggers in, and I end up doing them. I may start holding wages back until I get them! (I've had to do that with invoices otherwise they never invoice me!)
  9. As a medic at way too many shows we always report afterwards so we have notes for next year. depending on what we are saying in the report would depend on if its shared with the organisers but its great to be able to say in a planning meeting last year x went well but we want to try y because.
  10. DRA has a section for it.
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    Definitely do a post show report. Make it very easy and simple for crew to complete (usually have to chase them too) with a comments box. Review when returned and keep my own notes on a display if I've had to chat to the crew about what they've filled in.

    Very different from when we started - the post display form that we first used was more about what fireworks we liked or didn't and what the audience reacted best to!