Cake/Barrage POW Factor

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  1. 40 Shots
    30 Seconds


    POW factor is a great firework to use in a finale to end your display with. It fires 8 banks of 5 fanned shots simultaneously, with gold wave to crackling rain mine effects in each volley. Each volley also has a separate colour which run in sequence of lemon, pink, aqua, orange, blue, purple, green and red star bursts.
  2. alasdar

    alasdar Pro Firer/Crew

    Very nice looking, any ideas on price @paul s ?
  3. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    Sixty quid. :)
  4. Saltpetre

    Saltpetre Pro Firer/Crew

    It's a nice piece but I feel it lacks the "pazaz" for the actual finale, me I would use it as a pre finale and value it for about the same as I could buy an RP Spread for :)
  5. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    Agree it's not a finale piece, but some nice colours nevertheless.
  6. K9Girl

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    Looks nice, don't forget the 15% off for UKFR members :)