Cake/Barrage Power Station 1

Discussion in 'Brothers Pyrotechnics' started by Firework Crazy, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. RRP: £94.99 (2012)
    Category: 3 - 25 Metres
    Shots: 64
    Duration: 45 Seconds
    Shape: Straight
    Class: 1.3g (pyro meshed)
    Description: Firing in volleys of four, all with whistling tails to time rain, strobes, dragons egg and red and crackling palms.

    Video provided by Brothers Pyrotechnics.
  2. My updated vid for the PS1 - this is a CE marked 1.4g cake now.
    Still very powerful and loud!:D
  3. Still a great piece. I love firing these. :)