PPE what do you wear

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  1. Not looking for an argument or what’s right or wrong. Just curious to know what everyone’s using
  2. gareth71

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    For rigging - steel toe-cap boots, gloves for handling heavy equipment, hard hat if required.

    For firing - usually no PPE required, because it's always electrically fired (hand-firing should no longer be a 'thing'). Sometimes if circumstances dictate (e.g. on a barge and therefore in enforced close proximity to firing, or on fire-watch in a fall-out area), head/eye protection and maybe even fire-retardent outer layer (although that's very rare these days).
  3. Jon

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    just un-restrictive underwear.......what else?
  4. Exbombhead

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    Nothing worse than poor pant admin on an all day setup!!
  5. alasdar

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    It’s like getting dressed before a long drive, suddenly 50 percent of your underwear options are off
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  6. Jon

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    I was expecting more:

  7. 9AD054D9-D746-4CFB-86BC-D7C15313E9E3.jpeg
    You can’t be to carefull
  8. AtomFireworks

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    He is a predator in human form!! note the self destruct bomb on his arm, I seen that when Arnold defeated predator and he blew himself up!!! Not suitable for hand firing I am affraid ‍♂️
  9. Birthday suit? I would post a picture but I don’t think it’s that kind of forum lol o_O :censored:
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  10. Ozzieuk

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    I wear a Gallete helmet with woolen neck guard
    Option too.
    Which for some is overkill but I would rather the cylinder shell casing that landed near me once have a go at that over a hard hat any day.

    Also as a person that is suffering very badly from tinnitus (another hospital appt in the morning) I can’t advocate hearing protection enough.
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  11. B19_TLG

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    I find a ski/snowboard helmet is quite comfy. Decent Eyewear that fits against the face. Fire retardant coveralls for manual fire. Nomex balaclava and also some nomex to cover helmet to neck area. Always consider layers and merino wool is a good choice in the absence of a fire retardant layer.

    The reality is though that manual fire is becoming a dying art and whilst it’s my preference and so the kit I have is geared towards it. You can assume it’s overkill for modern electrically fired shows.

    You can’t beat being a few feet from a shed load of 4”, 5” and 6” racks doing their thing in a show though.
  12. elmo

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    Not for me......
    Give me a decent firing system any day
  13. B19_TLG

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    I do enjoy the more technical setup with electrical firing. And I’m a stickler for super neat wiring. I do also love a more instantaneous effect. But having started manual and predominantly being “the guy in the yard who does manual” I guess I’ve just found a bit of an affinity with it.

    That being said as I’ve gotten older I’ve got a bit more wary. The layers have built up. The caution has increased. But that completely unnatural thump of a shell leaving a tube moments after lighting the delay. It’s like a drug. After a number of damp hours in a field I find the satisfaction from 20 minutes of portfire ballet is hard to beat.

    Working a pyromusical competition entry at Southport a few years back is my crowning electrical fire glory and even then I volunteered to be the fire extinguisher guy amongst or close to ground zero.

    Hoping to crew the 2019 Plymouth display we’re doing so maybe that’ll be when the electrical fire penny drops. Watch this space. But certainly from a PPE point of view I wouldn’t take any chances firing manually. Lol.
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  14. paul s

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    Boxers and a Tee underneath a loose fitting, flame retardant (oil rig surplus!) boiler suit. Rigger boots inside the legs. Chainsaw helemt for 'non-fogging' eye protection. Snug as a bug.
  15. AtomFireworks

    AtomFireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    We tested a range of helmets taking a direct hit from a 30mm bombette, Them chainsaw visers are useless, the polycarb ones just as poor, they offer ZERO protection from a direct hit, and I truly mean zero!

    The cromwell f600 done well as did the ex riot helmets. I know the arguament about visability vs protection, but for me I would rather be kitted up to take a hit than to pray it doesnt happen as my helmet can not take it.
  16. B19_TLG

    B19_TLG Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Say you were wearing an F600. Would you put on some eyewear that was flush against your face as well. For me a visor is a potential trap for debris or stars that might be on an upward ascent. Sure getting hit front on will require considerable protection. Ballistic grade at least. But for something that finds its way between face and visor. What then? It’s the one thing that’s put me off any sort of flip down eye protection but naturally at the compromise that my face is more exposed.

    It’s a shame there is no one size fits all solution. I’d be keen to hear if anyone has explored using the likes of an f600 with additional eye protection just in case.

    I do love this forum. Despite being new here intelligent queries around stuff like PPE is important. If we didn’t clump together to discuss it the industry wouldn’t improve.

    So thanks everyone. Info like this will help me decide on product when I choose new PPE.
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  17. Arthur

    Arthur Pro Firer/Crew

    Nomex jeans from Pioner Fristads
    fire retardant long sleeve polo shirt, fleece, neck cowl and balaclava from Cromwell.

    I could hand fire but usually I don't.
  18. RocketRev

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    Which polycarbonate visor did you test? I'm aware that there are several different grades of polycarb. I'd expect the general use polycarb visor that tends to come as standard will not fare well under a pyro test. But there are visors using polycarb that have got a high hot debris protection rating and those that have high impact protection ratings...... there's also a polycarb that has both a high impact and a high hot debris protection rating - and that's what I have. I did check the specific energy absorption and test ratings before going for it. It costs a bit more, but is worth it. I'd be interested if one of them was tested by you @AtomFireworks .
  19. AtomFireworks

    AtomFireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    The holmet we tested was a good quality " Centurion" branded one, the polycard visor on it was what you would typically see on a " standard" off the shelf hard hat and visor set. The visor just cracked in to shards where the shot went through, we then fired another ad the hard hard itself and it put a big dent in it, so in my mind it would not have protected the person enough.

    The F600 cromwell has a puly carb visor and thats a lot thicker, it still cracked, but the helmet itselt too the impact, I have it as a training too if you want some pics? It surprised me tbh at the forces involved. @RocketRev

  20. B19_TLG

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    @AtomFireworks id be interested in this. In fact I’d invite anyone else with testing and experience of PPE performance to provide similar accounts. Maybe a PPE review thread. If we can end up with a shortlist of tried and tested goods that we know stand up well. That’s a great place to be.