PPE what do you wear

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  1. scoops

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    I used a military NBC jacket for hand firing, fire resistant, warm and cheap....
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    Sweat a few pounds off and get a nice charcoal rash whilst you’re at it :p
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    Them's the ones. It's gonna be part of my new vid "fittnes with pyro" loose a few pounds from your stomach and ya wallet:rolleyes:
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    Sign me up. You’re just in time for the Xmas fitness video rush aswell...
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    Fingers on the pulse:p
    Next stop dragons den..
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  6. Treated my self.

    Bristol PBI Gold
    MSA Gallet F1

    Perhaps ott but I want to be safe and warm.

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    If its any help, recently an accident involved someone getting hit by a very large rotary valve.approx 350kg, when a lifting beam gave way swinging from approx 10ft strap and smacking the ip above the temple area.
    He knocked out cold and landed approx 12ft away from the impact. He sustained a small cut and some stitchs.
    I have no doubt that the impact would have caved his skull and killed him or much more serious injury without his hard hat.
    As for specs impact other than various bits of steel from machines I have no findings.
  8. JustinBedford

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    I agree with @elmo there is no real need to do manual firing with cheap firing systems being so cost effective and giving a much more precise look to a display. I can respond far easier to cakes finishing early with firing system than I used to be able to do with rushed hand signals between two or more firers in a dark field. For a couple of hundred £ to remove hand firing being necessary I think its a no brainer if the clients getting a better display due to electronic firing anyway.

    Decent stout/safety footwear and flexible comfortable clothing for hot/cold/wet weather is the only thing I take along with decent work gloves as hitting your own hand with a lump hammer while hammering stakes is probably the most likely injury onsite that all of us are likely to be at risk from. The only need for manual firing I would consider now is a test shell earlier in the day if wind direction makes a fallout test necessary and using enough time delay fuse removes need for full ppe for doing that.
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  9. SydB

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    For setting up: knee padding.
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  10. 400 shows.
    Min of 2 techs a show
    £2500-£10,000 sized shows
    What system you gonna use?
  11. B19_TLG

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    Firing for two rather decent sized companies says the smaller budget shows are manually fired. Reserve the firing systems for bigger or musical shows. They could potentially buy into cheaper firing systems but then the technology assimilation on multiple firing systems becomes a challenge.

    I think manual fire will be here for a while yet. Especially in companies with lots of shows throughout November.
  12. JustinBedford

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    I'm assuming you mean 400 shows per year as I would be surprised if there was more than 1 or 2 companies in the UK that have 400 shows out on a single night and if they did then it would be November period and they would need 800+ firers on their books and the cost for PPE to equip all of the crews would be a big chunk of the cost of firing systems anyway when firing system would last 10 years at least and probably outlive PPE equipment.

    If the budgets are £2500+ and your still hand firing there are likely only about 40-50 individual pieces to ignite in one of those displays making a 3 module system more than capable that could be purchased from under £300 for chinese systems and a few hundred more for cobra or similar. If you are a display company needing 300 small firing systems for November period then speak to @easypyro as I'm only too sure he would happily rent out 300 cheap systems each November period.

    If you are talking about very low end displays that were widely discussed a few years ago eg £500 weddings where its a wedding pack and a couple of chains of shells (unfortunately just the sort of display I started working on) then your working for the wrong company and need to move to another display company.
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  13. gareth71

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    Simple answer? FireOne.

    Are you really working for a company sending out £2500-£10000 shows which are hand-fired?
  14. JustinBedford

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    FireOne is superb and would be my primary choice as a companies 'wearing big boy pants now' firing system - however for smaller displays where people are usually hand firing I think telling them to buy FireOne might be a little bit overkill and more convenient to go for a cheaper more budget conscious wireless system ;)
  15. Jon

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    I have worked for both large and small companies and hand firing is still used in both.

    Unfortunately, there is a time constraint to some displays, especially if you are firing in two places in one night. Dropping the racks and cakes etc and hand lighting is 10 times quicker than wiring to firing systems. With the correct delay fuses I see no reason why it presents excessive risks to crew as they should have time to get away from any item lit. A firing system is also a large cost to any company which may take years of displays to pay off. If they went to the cheaper Chinese systems I would ask whether they are more dangerous than hand firing? Who want to put dodgy electronics in the field in the hope that is safer than hand lighting.
  16. gareth71

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    That is true - and in those instances my go-to system would be Cobra. But displays with a budget of £2500 to £10000 were mentioned...
  17. JustinBedford

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    Your correct my answer does assume you are using an appropriate firing system that is efficient to rig such as cobra for a small display. I would agree that some firing systems using wired connections may not be suitable for small displays.

    The majority of setup time in any display is unloading, staking, taping, cleaning and loading mortars etc everything that is directed to crowd safety and should be the same for electronic or hand fired displays.

    Assuming you are then using an efficient wireless firing system if you haven't then got a spare 15 minutes to electronically wire a few ignitors you should ask yourself have you been given sufficient time to safely rig the rest of the show?
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  18. Cullann

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    Also good for absorbing impacts - I wore one for paintball a long time ago, and when someone shot me several times in the chest at point blank range the paintballs all just bounced off without even breaking. Never felt a thing.
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  19. Jon

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    Not sure how you wire igniters into all cakes and shells etc and the system in 15 minutes....even for a small show wiring the fireworks could easily take an hour to prep.
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  20. JustinBedford

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    Have to agree to disagree on this :)
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