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  1. When doing over 20 shows in one night once a year it is not financially practical to have 20 plus firing systems sat on the shelf for 364 days in the year. If we went totally to electric firing I would guess we would lose half of our technicians as they all love hand firing.
    In response to the initial question which was what PPE should you wear I think you should wear what you're supplied with by the company you work for as this may be a stipulation in that companies insurance.
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    Unless of course like me you’re a fat sod and nobody makes decent PPE to fit unless you can find the unicorn Portwest welders outfits lol.
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    I'm told that Pains hand fire everything under £10k (might have been £15k) for November.

    I don't have cuncurrent shows in Nov as my company is quite small, tends to be one each day, but if I had multiples I'd definitely have to consider hand firing some of them. It such a lot of time-overhead e-firing, and you are relying on crew that fire only once a year not to stuff it up.
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    I’ve hand fired a lot of shows in the past, from cat 2 up to pyro musicals.
    Then one day I got injured and my own mortality was realised.
    Now I’d rather not hand fire a show, but if it’s a choice between me or a less experienced member of crew hand firing, I will do it as I’m more aware of the risks.

    Would I pay someone to hand fire under the cover of I don’t have enough firing system to cover the show(s) is a different question. Especially with crew who may not have been on many shows and don’t know the product.
  5. One quick question on electronic firing as opposed to hand firing. Why is it that all consumer fireworks are fused for handfore and not electric det firing if the latter is supposed to be the safer way to fire? Also do most people know that unless you have a licence it is illegal to doctor a firework to fire it by an alternative method?
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    If you use consumer match or e match directly to visco, you are not altering the firework.
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  7. Seams this topic has blown out of control a little. Shame really.
  8. Pete,
    I think the topic should be on Ppe, you wear what the company supply you with or you may not be insured. On the topic of amending the firework to light by e match, this is altering the intended use of the firework and therefore potentially amends the cad document for the item and therefore is not allowed unless licenced to do so.