Primed Adrenalize

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  1. trueblue_ips

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    Hi, has anyone fired the above? Is it like the stock video?
    This looks like a good finale firework for BFN or NYE but am put off compounds after buying Hallmark Showtime Finale last year. It was OK, just nothing like the stock video - not a timing issue, just completely different effects.
    Does anyone know the bore size for adrenalize?

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  2. Duskyfuse

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    I can tell you that the compound has 164 shots and a duration of 95 seconds. It is 1.3g with 2886 grams of NEC. I am unaware of the bore size, Perhaps it has various sized tubes? The firework itself measures 945x320x225mm.
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  3. got one on order for my bfn final dont think they have landed yet
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  4. trueblue_ips

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    Thanks, think the bore size is 25mm which is the sweet spot for me with the distance I fire from.
    I question the NEC because orbit fireworks has it listed as 1990 NEC, not 2886 which just made me wonder if the UK is getting a watered down version of it.

    Does look good if it's like the video.
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  5. Duskyfuse

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    The NEC figure printed in Evolutions catalogue, (Bearing in mind they are the UK distributor), Is 2886 grams.

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  6. It’s 2886, I’ve never seen a primed product that doesn’t match up to China video. Tbh
  7. K9Girl

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    I seem to have been a bit unlucky as quite a few of the primed items I've had haven't performed anywhere near what they should, no primed on my shopping list this year at all:rolleyes:
  8. Duskyfuse

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    Pete when are you expecting to receive the new 2019 Primed gear?
  9. We dont make "video samples", all our videos are taken from mass production items, and items should preform exactly as video shows.
  10. Containers Monday, r u available ?
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  11. Hi K9 which items may I ask, I must admit I’ve no experience with their big cakes
  12. K9Girl

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    It was the Glittering Prize A & B, effects were good, but the timing was all over the place which made them much longer, detracting totally from the impact they should have. Newton’s cradle just didn’t seem to be like the video. :confused:
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  13. Duskyfuse

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    I could be for the right amount of freebies! :D
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  14. I have never had any problems with Primed pyro, always one of the top performers especially the rockets!, would recommend them all day!
  15. AlanCee29

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    Well fingers crossed my @Primedpyro Smiley Face works and the Love Heart too :rolleyes:
  16. K9Girl

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    It’s all luck, depends which way it’s oriented when it goes bang. I’ve had one of each before, neither could be seen :(
  17. Tiltman

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    yes wasn't there a discussion last year with some people having timing issues with a few Glittering Prize. Generally I agree with @The Powder Keg as if anything the impact and colour of Primed product has been outstanding in the flesh and more impactful than the videos rather than the opposite. Interesting to see @Primedpyro confirmation on the vidoes.

    I suppose that's different though to a possible production issue with a particular cake causing timing variations.

    It's certainly not one of the brands that I have any doubt over. In fact the opposite, unlike some I could name that I tend to avoid. It's a real shame if an experience for @K9Girl means that she's avoiding what I think is one of the most solid and reliable brands out there at the moment.
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  18. K9Girl

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    I'm not really actively avoiding Primed, I've fired most of their stuff, I just haven't seen anything new that I want more than the others at the moment. That said, when you get disappointed, Glittering Prize and the SuperNova strobes (the bad year) it does make you nervous when planning a one-off event:)
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  19. paul s

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    Any brand and any firework are susceptible to 'failure' to perform as expected. But it's a hard one to swallow given the cost of most decent pyro, and the fact there is little scope to recover the cost or the show itself. This is the fundamental reason I don't stock high price tag fireworks and avoid selling just one (or even two) units. It's a lot easier to 'accommodate' the failure or loss of a couple of smaller cakes when they are lost in a display of many.

    I've only ever walked away from one brand due to consistent under performance, but avoided quite a number of lines from 'reliable' ranges due to persistent problems.

    Difficult, really.......
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  20. I’ve fired Adrenalize this weekend, it was superb, I’d rate it as compounds go based on a realistic selling price of circa £189 as 9/10 if they slipped FA in near the end to give it some ooomph or maybe the salutes from Heavy hitter then it’s a :stashten:
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