Cake/Barrage Primed pyrotechnics let it ride

Discussion in 'Primed Pyro' started by Lee boy, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Lee boy

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    Strobing mines with golden tails transitioning in to multi effect bursts with brocades, willows, spiders and coconuts.


    36 Shots

    23cm × 23cm × 20cm

    Cat F3

    Duration 45s

    Weight 4.5kg

    Explosive Weight 810g

    RRP 62.99

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  2. RCT

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    @Lee boy - CAT 2 ??
    Looks like 30mm 1.3G too me ??
    NEQ 810g ?? CAT2 ??
    Either this has been totally changed or the spec is wrong, can you double check please.
    See various screenshots below :-
    Most advertising saying 30mm NEQ 720g CAT3 including the importer,
    Only Galactic calling it CAT2 with NEQ 810g
    Even the NEQ is different from some retailers ?
    I would be stunned if that was CAT 2,

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  3. Pyro Pete

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    I would think it's F3 with that NEC, I'll edit the original post if we're all agreed on that, @Lee boy ?

    It's a stunning firework either way, beautiful effects.
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  4. Lee boy

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    @Pyro Pete if u could edit it to cat 3 for me it would be much appreciated it won’t let me edit it, no too sure on N.E.C does say 810g on the label

  5. maxywell

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    I noticed that when the picture in Lee's vid said 300 and something grams, seems to be a few different takes on the actual nec but it does look quite powder heavy so the higher ones will be closer. It's clearly more than 300g anyway.