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    Hi everyone , just a quick question regarding the brand Primed Pyrotechnics. I went for a wander around Matlock Bath in Derbyshire and noticed a Fireworks shop that seemed to specialise in this brand . I've watched a few videos on the net , but does anyone have first hand experience of the brand ?.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Very good brand of fireworks primed
  3. excellent range of fireworks
  4. Amazing brand, an example is this piece that was fired only a small bit ago by a fellow member @Lee boy
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  5. Fired quite a few of their pieces, never disappointed. good stuff.
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    To echo the above, great brand, some excellent fireworks.
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    Thanks everybody most helpful , I'm not sure if it's a seasonal shop or not , luckily I only live half an hour away . Thanks again.
  8. Primed Pyrotechnics fireworks are excellent. They have a great range of quality fireworks. I highly recommend the Full House Barrage pack. A few videos of pieces I've filmed (more Primed items on my channel):

  9. I wouldn’t get carried away just yet if your buying for November. They have some fantastic new products coming later in the year.
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  10. A top brand that i highly recommend!
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    Again thankyou to everybody who have taken the time to reply , and thanks to Chorlton for the advice on the new products in the pipeline.
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  12. I’d buy now if on a budget, there will be some fierce price rises before November
    Primed are an excellent brand. Their rockets are brilliant, even the small moonshots
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  13. All this scaremongering lol :p

    No matter what the prices go up to, it ain’t going to effect anyone on here with the prices klasek and primed and any other brand for that matter get sold at lol :D

    on a serious note though. Hopefully shipping cost will resolve themselves