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  1. Hello all
    I was wondering if anyone has put on a public display and had a problem from the hosts.
    I was very lucky to be asked last year to organise a display for a pub, which shares a field with a football club. The pub gave us the budget but the football club didnt give us anything, yet still managed to turn a pretty profit from the display.
    It looks like the same could happen again this year, so my question Is has anyone else had this happen and if so how did you resolve the issue?
  2. Jon

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    Display profiteering is always going to be a problem when you can't control who looks up at the sky. Lots of people take photos and watch aircraft displays without paying to go into the actual event. Sadly it's something you have to accept.

    You could always ask the football ground to contribute if they are actually arranging their event to coincide with yours and advertising specifically that there will be a firework show. But i highly doubt they will.
  3. They do advertise the show and put on there own bbq but dont give any money towards the budget or insurance costs. Last year they said there was a football game so we could set up at 12 then when we got there there was a football match till half 1 -__-
    I was thinking about turning the firing pattern so it was more benifical for the pub? Thats all I could think of :(
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    Yes lots.

    But if its from another venue who is taking advantage of your proximity, there is nothing you can do unfortunately.

    Our problem was with the venue owner skimming of everything they could and totally lying about where money was going, as well as onsite food vendors (also venue run) who were providing nothing to the show and taking massive profits.
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  5. Jon

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    You could request they stop advertising a display they are not organising. It is fundementaly wrong for them to try and claim it's their display for their clients when it isn't.
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  6. Had this problem a few years ago and spoke with the person responsible for booking and they understood and the situation was resolved - a sensible compromise for both was reached. I did threat at one point to pull the whole thing, although he wasn't aware of that, but had that card up my sleeve because I won't be pissed about over such things. :)
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  7. This has happened a few times apparently through different events organised by the pub. The money the football club makes from these events Is basically covering the costs of ownership from year to year.
  8. We tired this approach saying each host would put 50% towards a budget plus the collection bucket from last year, so that was 300 and then each put in 400, they agreed but within the week said theyd only give 100 towards it!! So annoying!!
    I couldnt bring myself to even suggest cancelling as its the only fireworks show I can do :(
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    Sorry but it's not really your problem unless your personally attached to the pub in someway? Your there to put up a display and that's the end of it from a business point of view.
    But if you're wanting a bigger budget out of it all, then that's the bargaining chip.
    Otherwise stay out of it is my advice:)
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  10. That's the problem. You get taken advantage of and end up with a 100 quid and an expectation to do it each year, for literally no cost to anyone other than you. You must be firm, but fair. I know you mentioned it's the only show you can do, but what does that say about you (as an individual) willing to be OK with being manipulated in this disgusting way. It's absolutely bizarre how many people still expect us to do this work for peanuts.
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  11. Yeah the bigger budget was my main focus, but still doesnt feel right them making out they've helped and organised it :/
  12. Does the pub benefit from extra business when there's a football match on that they didn't contribute to?
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  13. Depends on what time the football match Is I suppose, dont know many pubs that open before 12 tho on saturdays or sundays. Also cant imagine you get the same amount of people to watch a village football team, as you would a firework event or music event :/
  14. In my my head I assumed that shared field meant the pub was the clubhouse so the players (22-30 of them), their coaches etc and any groupies would be using it for beer/food etc. Multiply that by the number of home games in a season and you have a fair footfall?
  15. No the pub Is seprate to the clubhouse, just happen to have a field between them.
    The clubhouse are the ones that dont want to contribute towards the events.
  16. Perhaps a last minute postponement/cancellation might focus their attention? You can always blame the weather.
  17. Arthur

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    Chose some low effects, Line-rat/pigeon, waterfall -things that satisfy a close audience but not an audience 100m away. Remember that a big shell may be Best viewed from 500m but fountains waterfalls and pigeons may be invisible to a crowd at 500m.

    Have you spoken to your client? Maybe they want the club to watch maybe they don't maybe they really don't care.
  18. Tiltman

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    I'd contact the football club telling them that the event is in danger of being cancelled due to funding. And say that as you know they enjoy the show and have an event you wanted them to know so they didn't dissapoint their people. BUT... that if they were able to make a contribution then it could go ahead
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  19. Thank you all for your replies! Ill try a few of the methods suggested!!
  20. Blow the club house up, or buy loads of smoke bombs and obscure their view :eek:
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