Product testing Hallmark.

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  1. Breezy conditions, then rain:(
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  2. I really appreciate your videos Wayne and you always do a great job regardless of weather conditions.
  3. paul s

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    Excellent footage once again.
  4. Pyro Pete

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    Good work Wayne :)
  5. Rush looks nice
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  6. maxywell

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    How did Annual Gala perform?
  7. Performed well,i will upload to youtube soon, I must spend a little time with the wife today :)
  8. Rob perry

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    They look amazing. The effects of that little one with the stupid name :cool:
  9. hofnerite

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    Looks great that.. I like the build to the finale.. no crackle!
    Are these DumBum loud or Jorge Thunder King loud?
  10. Not quite dumbum loud although much better rate of fire and louder than the Jorge thunder Kings which used to be black cat or standard years ago can't remember sure someone can point it out correctly but dum bum or we love it loud unless your in open areas with space then go for quickfused 65mm rack or larger for same effect. ;).
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  11. Well that looks fook all like the manufacturer footage...o_O
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  12. hofnerite

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    Thank god for UK landed footage! Nice cake but completely different to Hallmark's video!
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  13. Yes, still a nice piece, but....
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  14. This is why I like to film all my new landed products, Cost's me a fortune but i do it.
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  15. maxywell

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    Haven't seen the stock footage but it looked good to me, liked the unusual firing pattern too.
  16. Flame

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    I actually prefer the landed product; I thought the stock footage firework was nothing special.
  17. You are quite correct, it appears there’s been a mistake on our part and we have brought the ‘sister’ cake that we had earmarked for the 2021 season. We will replace them video ASAP. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.