PROLIFIC - Prestigious Pyrotechnics New Fireworks 2021

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  1. A new one for 2021 from Prestigious Pyrotechnics ... the landed product will last at least 50 seconds

    Name - PROLIFIC
    Shots - 100 Shots
    Tube - 25mm
    NEC - 998g
    RRP - TBC

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  2. That ghost effect :wub:
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  3. Lee boy

    Lee boy Supports UKFR

    very nice. Put my down for one bud:)
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  4. Absolutely fantastic
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  5. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    I think 25mm tubes are possibly the optimum size. There is usually a noticeable difference between 20 and 25, but less so between 25 and 30. For the extra cost involved in 30’s ..??

    (Another cracking piece, that one).
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  6. Very nice effects Saj.
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  7. Psammead

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    Purely down to area I guess Paul? Ignoring depth / volume, 20mm to 25mm tube is a 56% increase, then on to 30mm is only a 43% increase, so less of a change if that makes sense. My admittedly very basic knowledge of mechanics makes me think there would be massively more edge effect / drag with 20mm but I may be very wrong there...

    Coupled with the quality of effects we’re now seeing squashed into 25mm it really does seem to be a sweet spot as you say. I’m sure others more knowledgeable may contradict me though!
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  8. BarnOwl

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    Stunning! Another winner from this brand..
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  9. I have been saying this for a while now and going back a few people didn't really get what i meant but for me the more i have delved into bespoke products the costs v effects/tube size etc argument is won by 25mm. Just my opinion i know but i honestly feel it is the sweet spot as you would say
  10. Tinderbox

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    Fantastic piece and NO crackle!!! Refreshing.
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  11. My idea for those looking for a Gender Reveal Fireworks Display that builds the anticipation before the reveal while still only having to lighting the one firework. Obviously they can be used for non gender reveal displays as well :)

    Gender reveal compound display fireworks - Girl
    Name : Next Generation - Pink
    Shots : 151
    Tube : 25 mm
    Rrp : TBC

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  12. Gender reveal compound display fireworks - Boy

    Name : Next Generation - Blue
    Shots : 151
    Tube : 25 mm
    Rrp : TBC

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  13. what happens if they have a boy , to much prosecco i think:p:p
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  14. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    Excellent design. Totally agree with the build up before reveal. When the reveal does come.....!!
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  15. Saltpetre

    Saltpetre Pro Firer/Crew

    Looks good - looking forward to seeing the blue one !
  16. Why, have you sowed your seed again?:D
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  17. hofnerite

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    ooh that blue peony fast sweep would make a lovely fanned dump cake! :whistle:
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  18. lol very strange that ........... i watched them on the forum once i loaded them up and i swear i saw blue lol

    Iv asked @Pyro Pete to change it to the blue one..... thank you!!
  19. Blue one has been changed now and should be correct :)
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  20. Saltpetre

    Saltpetre Pro Firer/Crew

    Wow, Awesome - it's definitly blue. Is the compound 2 cakes the first being the same and the second being the reveal