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  1. MrDan

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    With London's NYE display cancelled again this year, are there any other city / town displays in the UK that are worth a watch?
  2. blackbat

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  3. Manchester not canceled yet.
    Fireworks are ok - shot of the rooftops to music. Good Luck getting a drink after though. Most bars in that area are 'pre booked only' - and that was before this virus thing.
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  4. Chris

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    Blackpool are doing one for the first time but being advertised as family friendly and being fired early evening (5.30 I think).

    Am guessing it will be Titanium, given their links to the resort and the Blackpool World Championships
  5. It's absolutely ridiculous they cancelled nye fireworks. yet council Xmas light switch on events with more people present have gone on this month. Last year was different I understand that decision last year however, we have a vaccine we have one of the largest take ups in the world of it. Let's get back to some normality fireworks are an outdoor event last time I checked, so what's the issue.
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    And virtually all council bonfire night displays across the country were cancelled too. If you ask me it's really a cost saving measure disguised as as a public health decision. Christmas lights displays encourage people into the shops...

    Near where I live Kimbolton used to do a big town bonfire night display for years and years, and then one year the council were successfully sued for around £30m by the developer of a shopping mall who wouldn't have built it if the council hadn't lied about the mix of shops they were going to allow into another nearby new mall which ultimately ended up in competition. Surprise, surprise, the next bonfire night display after the court case concluded was cancelled on the bogus grounds that the audience had got too big for the park it was held in and the display was cancelled for evermore on "crowd safety" grounds...
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  7. I agree on the cost part for councils however the outlay for fireworks is small compared to the uplift and financial gains. surely the revenue bought in from world wide broadcasting makes it financially viable for London at least.
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  8. YET being the operative word. (hopefully they wont 'fire' early this year IF its on) :rolleyes:
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    Last year lots of events were cancelled very last minute, so organisations lost money. Many didn't want to take the risk again this year.
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    More cancellations on the way if the new variant is as bad as they think. :rolleyes:
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  11. tonights ''news briefing'' more or less gauranteed that, its either (and this my own twisted view on this) -

    A) all those vacinations are wasted, unless you have the booster* which boosts the boosted vaccine - but which pfizzer need 100 days to prepare for.

    or its not as bad as painted.

    B) Boris saves christmas having broadly hinted via twitter link that it nay be postponed.

    *for clarity Im not an anti vaxer, my missus is imunosupresed due to other conditions she has. the last two years have been awaful. like everyone else i want this to end.
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    Good source of info for firework displays and events that include fireworks
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  13. The blackpool display is strange , properly be more people watching at 5.30 than there would be at mid night .
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    Think that’s the idea from a tourism perspective. Quite a lot of other things going on for families to spend their money on, along with things like the free ice skating and the illuminations running until the New Year.
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  15. B/pool at at half five is a lot more of a civilised beast than B/pool at Midnight most weekends. cynical timing though imho.