Mine Pulse

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  1. New for 2015. Single tube mine with scarlet, silver and bangs.

    RRP £9.99 each
    CE Cat 2

    This is a clip from our factory in China. We will re-film soon when these land in the UK.

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  2. I'm afraid that for me, a mine has got to not contain bombettes. Those that do seem no different to the finale volley of most cakes. And perhaps not as good, as they're neither perfectly vertical, nor fanned. And in some cases expensive, relative to the finale volley of a cake. I don't know who buys what, but I'd wager that enthusiasts are the more natural mine purchasers. By that I mean if enthusiasts and joe public alike both understood the effect they were buying, it's the enthusiasts that would still pay for a single pop. However I suspect joe public looks at "that big powerful tube thing" in a shop and expects it to go bang. So you can't win.