Cake/Barrage Purple People Eater

Discussion in 'TNT Fireworks' started by jezzadw, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. From my 2017 garden display. I fired 2 together.
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  2. paul s

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    Not bad at all. (There's even some purple in there).
  3. I thought they were good, especially fired in pairs.
  4. I had one from Buyology. For a fiver it was a gift.
  5. Yup that's where I got my 2 from.
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  6. Really, a fiver i bought mine for £15. it was a Buy one get one free deal though, kinda makes up for it.;)
    Family was happy with this one.

  7. Fiver each so a tenner for the 2. Good price I thought. Yes good cake for TNT.
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  8. My video
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  9. Had 2 in my display this year and was really good!!
  10. Yes same as me, I quite like them
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