Pyro alongside full time job?

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  1. :newhere:. I'm a young pyro-lover (22) whose been on the forum for a couple of years now. I'm based in the midlands and looking at getting into professional fireworks and working towards BPA accreditation. I've just finished an apprenticeship and been awarded a full time electrical maintenance job, so I'm only looking at doing a few shows a year alongside my main job to satisfy my passion and move up to bigger and better things. With the pressure on consumer fireworks lately, I'm sure im not the only one. It's more for the love of it & the smell of the smoke, not for career purposes, but who knows where it will lead given time? o_O.

    I have no current CAT4 experience, but have done quite a bit with CAT 2 & 3 and a fair bit of set-up fusing and basic electronic firing (nail boards, cheap 4-cue systems etc...), including hand firing a couple of small scale displays at a local pub. I'm always browsing on here and seeking information :book: and tips from documentaries, videos & the old boys at my local retailer who used to do displays, with hours of stories to tell about the 40-odd years they've been in business for. It just fascinates me and lights my fire ;).
    I've noticed on FB that @Firework Crazy down in Essex do taster days as a starting point, but I'd like to know who else does pyro part-time alongside a different line of work? Is it a viable option?
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  2. You just missed our induction day but we can have you out on shows as soon as this Saturday if you want to join our team :)
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  3. elmo

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    That’s how I got into this, doing pro shows alongside my day job (Carpenter) for 15 yrs untill I was lucky enough to get offered a full time position a few years ago............a big decision to make
    I thought about it for 30 secs and binned the tools!!
    We are recruiting in Colchester if your looking to get into the wonderful world of pro shows :)
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  4. Most firers are part time.

    We have guys who do just a handful of shows a year, some do 50+ all whilst doing their day job
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  5. dogsbody

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    Likewise I work full time and do pyro on the side. Fits in with my commitments and life.
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    As the others have said most firework companies will take on people on a casual basis. I am a full time maintenance engineer and just do pro displays in my spare time when I am available. Most displays tend to be on a weekend anyway so works out well if you have a monday to friday job. I would recommend contacting a fireworks company near you and ask the question.

    Good luck with your search and enjoy the pro displays.
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  7. @Illusion Fireworks May be a little sooner than expected lol. I've just opted to go into work for Sunday morning like a muppet :rolleyes:. But I'll PM you to discuss further.

    I am contracted to work a few weekends a year, but only a few, and I get a few more holidays in return for it :p. I just need something to give me the buzz between January and November, and a couple of extra shows around busy season to end the year on a high :D:D:D.

    It's all looking far more promising and casual than I thought! I'll take my time to contact everyone who has replied (and may reply), weigh up my options and hopefully get to meet a few of you in the field (preferably a dry one :rolleyes:). You all seem to be a welcoming bunch :).
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    Hi. We’re based in the Midlands (just off M1 j27/28). Although we are a relatively young company ourselves we are steadily growing in terms of size and displays undertaken.

    We are looking for some additional crew to join the team so feel free to reach out and perhaps come along on a show or two across the summer time. We also have a few decent sized shows in Leicester/Loughborough this November you could get your teeth into if all works out well too :)

  9. Thats very local to me. I'm going to respond to everyone who messages me, weigh up my options and go from there. Thanks again for all the responses so far.
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  10. It's yet another great offer, and a local one at that, but I'll still be considering all offers :D.
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  11. Jon

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    I would follow displayfireworks1 on YouTube and just do the exact opposite ;) :p
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  12. Pyro Ed

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    You don't have to be tied to one.
  13. luke

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    Well said, although some companies don't like you firing for anyone else, but I have found in the main if your open and honest it's not a problem
    Like others I have a day job and pyro fits around it, my boss now assumes I'm taking a week to 10 days off in November.
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  14. I already book a week around bonfire night to enjoy the fireworks :D. Just means I'll get to enjoy every display that bit more ;).
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  15. Pyro Ed

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    I get that some like exclusivity around nov for planning reasons (Titanium for example) but other than that freelance firers would benefit hugely by the opportunities of firing for different companies, so if I'd move on and find another if exclusivity was demanded.
  16. We ask for exclusivity, after all we are investing in a Firers training and our Firers have access to a lot of commercially sensitive information within our app and as part of our operation. It’s not been a problem with our team to date :)
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  17. elmo

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    I think most companies ask for loyalty.......
    No point of paying for someone’s training, Ppe etc only for them to go work for someone else on 5th nov .....
  18. scoops

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    I'd agree around the silly season period but during the rest of the year?
    Being totally loyal is great but if you don't work for a company putting on enough shows to meet the pyro "fix" needs as per @GTRpyro post?
    IMO those lucky enough to work/volunteer for multiple companies benefit in terms of learning of techniques and knowledge of different products etc and in turn their "home" company can benefit from that learning too hopefully
    The position of crew/firer within a team is surely based primarily on competence and trust not just what financial input there's been?
    Just my opinion :)
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  19. We have plenty going on to keep people busy :)

    We have also experienced conflicts of interest when Firers work for other companies, our decision and our 60 strong crew don’t have an issue with it.
  20. scoops

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    Got that impression from your post Karl:)