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  1. nickjee

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    After winning the wife round on the benefits of using decent fireworks from the sponsors, my new problem is the dog!
    We've never had a dog before, but in January, the Mrs decides she wants a frenchie!
    She also said that if the dog doesn't like fireworks then I'd have to stop...... no chance!! ( I also showed the Mrs a video of Celtic Brexit.... she said get two!!!)
    So I've started showing "bella" you tube vids to get her ready for November..... she doesn't seem too bothered! Happy days!!

    Anyone else had a puppy they needed to get "pyro ready"??

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  2. Da Main Mouse

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    Yes. A number of years ago shes now 7. But as anyone who knows me will testify I had to get her used to loud vehicles, machining, blacksmithing and of course fireworks.
    She went to a bike night meet at 16 weeks and I was stopped many many times with people saying it was wrong and unfair.

    With the fireworks we started with smaller stuff crackly fountains and such forth, building up and making sure to only show enjoyment reactions not fuss to the dog.

    Now the only thing she dosnt like is the launch thud of shells, but she will sit and watch the explosion quite happily.

    For me and I can only speak about myself the first year was crucial to get her accustomed to everything I possibly could.
  3. Pyro Pete

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    Yep, going through this at the moment. It's easier being out in the country because you get loud bangs from farmers' guns, gas guns and we're not far from a firing range too. What's working for us is simply not reacting to the bangs and the dog doesn't see it as an issue either. Last week I threw a fun snap out of the window to move along some pigeons from the vegetable patch forgetting said puppy was asleep behind me - it was a particularly loud bang too. The puppy didn't even wake up.

    The previous dog to this came along to firework displays and would sit there next to us watching the fireworks.

    I'm not saying that every dog has the right temperament and you probably can't teach an old dog new tricks, but there's a lot to be said for getting dogs used to every day challenges from an early age.

    Just need to teach it to stop farting now :mad::mad::mad:
  4. hofnerite

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    @nickjee Please let me know how you get on and if you are happy for me to use some photos of your dog training or videos in a post for the UK Firework Alliance I'd very much appreciate it.
    All of the anti-firework ladies over at FAB tell me dogs cannot be trained to be happy around fireworks (despite hundreds of videos and tutorials online showing how to do it!) so I'd love to do an article on it at some point to prove it can be done and that owners can be proactive and take some responsibility.
    Likewise if anyone else here has stories of their dogs being trained or photos etc, let me know. Cheers,
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  5. nickjee

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    Of course @hofnerite , will be more than happy to help!!
    My neighbours got a springer puppy on Xmas eve last year. They knew I'd want to do fireworks for NYE so they did the YouTube vid thing in anticipation!
    I knocked on their door on on the afternoon of the 31st to see if they were happy for me to go ahead..... they said yeah go for it. Turns out their puppy slept through the whole thing, and their 8 year old springer watched the whole thing out the window.

    I fired a casino, fork handles and a roar btw!
  6. elmo

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    I took my 13 week springer pup to the local gun club
    Parked 1/2 mile away and slowly walked towards the shooting until reaching the shooting ground
    Where we stayed for three hours
    Seemed to do the trick :)
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  7. mike hadley

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    Never had a problem with my pup really. ( Springer spaniel cross) , he was actually only 3 months old around the time of bonfire night last year , perfect time for training me thought ?
    The only problem I had (which is not really that bad :confused:)
    he actually ran at them to play with some of the lower effects not good , so had to train him not to run at them instead that was hard work of which he is still not good at really. ( just have to keep him on a lead now , while watching his pyro :)) IMG_20200721_191840.jpg
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  8. Pablos pyro

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    This will be the case for us this year too. Playing plenty of YouTube videos of fireworks for him to get used to plus a couple of episodes of the old pyro’s episodes, plenty of bangs there (never had a dog like this that watches the t.v.) I’m hoping by November he’ll be sorted.

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  9. Misha the mad spaniel isn't a great fan of fireworks, she doesn't become a quivering wreck but is not interested ... perhaps that's because she was shown videos of my displays as a pup ... come to think of it, the wife isn't interested either :areyousure:
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  10. Rob perry

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    My problem this year is the new neighbour has two cats. They are lovely and outdoorsie and enjoy spending all day rolling around in our garden. I'm hoping a letter or a chat closer to the time letting them know when will be ok
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  11. Dodgey

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    I've been told by someone in the know (vet) that a good practice is to slam the door when the puppy is eating. Get it to associate loud bangs with good things.

    Anyone that says dogs can't be trained to ignore bangs has not been ot the riverbed in Valencia during the day.
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  12. elmo

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    I’ve been on enough game shoots to witness dogs actually getting turned on by the noise
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  13. I’ve tried to train our dog, but I have come tot the conclusion that our dog is just pathetic, and doesn’t like fireworks.
    If they are far away, and therefore not particularly loud, he just barks at the outside air.
    If they are close by, then he hides under the stairs for the duration, which incidentally he also does for the BBQ/ fire pit.

    Not a quivering wreck, and always recovers as soon as all is over, contrary to what the FAB idiots would have you believe.
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    We have a sprocker so much for being a gun dog breed she jumps at the slightest of bangs/knocks pins dropping in the house completely useless although I have took her on the lead to the local shoot and she was fine. The French bulldog x boarder on the other hand couldn’t give a shit and will sit and watch fireworks no problem.