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    ...just mucking about with 2 free online merging tools - one is a YouTube video merging tool which allows multiple vids to be combined into a single vid and the other is an editing tool which allows you to add mp3 files to your vids and have come up with this short pyro segment, which I'm thinking of using in my display this year!!

    Thoughts (obviously, the music is not totally in sync with the pyro as I literally just uploaded it all just having a muck about - just toying with the idea!!)....?!

    Have included the file instead of uploading to YouTube as may be a copyright breach or something (dunno its rules!) ??!

    EDIT - This is a link to the vid in my Dropbox: the Dice, Tardis II + Dr Who Track.mp4?dl=0

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    I just use Movie Maker. Easy to adjust the MP3 to the video and easy to splice/clip scenes together. And all without any watermarks.
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