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  1. cant seem to find the page for the software and videos etc
    FJPYROSYSTEMS.COM does not appear to have any link pages

    is it me ???? weird
  2. Can't help sorry, but I can confirm there are no links other than the 'Drop Us A Line', and funnily enough the website builder one.
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    There is a download link on the WPS website, although slightly strangely the executable is called pyroignationcontrol.
    I used it and is seems ok. Did seem to be some compatibility issues with the version I was using before.
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  5. that's excellent, worth keeping the links :)
    thank you
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    Thanks for the links as I don't think I've seen these videos :)

    I've been using PyroIgnition with reasonable success and have created a basic pyromusical and seems pretty good as it was freely available. The version I have creates file suitable for FireTek and is a bit of a faff for me to convert to Pyrosure - are there any other output binaries available?
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  8. Sorry Guys been a while since I have visited here. I created a page for my Daughters Rodeo Competition, I can't seem to get rid of it. Tried 3 times now and still come back up. I'm still here and active. Thanks for posting the Vimeo links!
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    Looking for some advice on the database for effects. Having gone through all my stock and uploading onto the database a few weeks back i have just gone back into the program and all the database effects have disappeared:mad: Has anyone got any ideas on where these files are stored or are they gone forever:(
  10. Did you have a specific file name for the database? If so a standard search in windows run bar will find it
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    No i think its just the standard user.sql I run the search earlier and i only found empty database entries but in the last few minutes i found one that looks like it has all my entries. Its as if the program is looking in the wrong place for it?


    For some reason the program wasn't pointing towards correct file. Deleted the sql file and replaced it with the one i found and all entries are back now :)
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