Pyromate battery replacement.

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  1. We currently have a Pyromate unit which requires new batteries and having opened the unit I can see that the existing batteries have soldered connections. Does anybody know of a battery replacement service?
  2. I'm handy with batteries and a soldering iron. Send me a pic please
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  3. The unit has two batteries as pictured.

    PYROMATE01.jpg PYROMATE02.jpg
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    Odd to see soldered connections onto that kind of battery. Push-on receptacles crimped onto the cable would be a much nicer solution - makes any future replacement plug-and-play. If you can source the batteries yourself, and can find someone local to you who has some crimp connectors and a crimping tool (try making friends with your local theatre's lighting department, if you have one close by!!), they can swap those out for you in a couple of minutes.
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  5. You can't beat soldered connections in my opinion. @Jonathans Fireworks, if I were you I might consider a slight upgrade (unfortunately out of my skill set), maybe bin the internals for a smart external battery with a USB charge port. Or incorporate it into the wiring of the replacement.
    One of the great new features of a said firing system is the ability to plug in a phone battery into it in an emergency.
    But if you want a simple swap I'd happily do it but you'd have to ship to me
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    Oxford based I can get and replace batteries if you want to bring it over should only take a few minutes.
    Cheers John
  7. Thank you to all who offered to help. The batteries have now been replaced.
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