pyromate nighthawk firing system for sale

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  1. starseeker

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    I am selling my Pyromate Nighthawk Digital firing system, which includes ,

    1 x Fireing panel
    3 x FM45 Digital field modules
    2 x SM45 Digital field modules
    1 x Wireless transmiter
    4 x 50ft xlr cables
    4 x 25ft xlr cables
    1 x Splitter
    2 x Pistol grips
    Instruction manual
    This will cost over £10,500 new plus import duty

    With the above you can fire 225 individual cues.
    This is a very comprehensive and top quality system running the latest firmware.

    I am looking for £3,500 IMG_0914.JPG This system is wireless to the first mod and then it is wired between the rest of the modules,
    Please pm me for more details
  2. starseeker

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    I am have a black thursday sale, and the above is now a bargain £2,500 .
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  4. starseeker

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    This system is now sold.