Pyrosure spare parts I need

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  1. Hi, i need spare parts for my Pyrosure system.
    Someone have spare parts or a damaged module or master controller or rail 8,to buy it.
    Thanks for all !!
  2. Ozzieuk

    Ozzieuk Pro Firer/Crew

    Bit random.
    If you could be more specific as to what parts you need not equipment.
    You can get a lot of spares like switches and screens sent to you if you message mike and Co.
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  3. Ozzieuk

    Ozzieuk Pro Firer/Crew

    As long as you part with some pound notes.
  4. Hello, Ozzieuk,I need all a bit, screens, lid batteries, aluminium housings of the Modules, I look for a little of everything, thank you