Pyrosure v1 system for sale

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  1. Thank you for looking I'm selling on eBay if your interested . As you can see, I'm selling my trusty Pyrosure v1 system - only due to moving over to Pyrosure v2 and I need the space.

    You are buying:
    1x v1 controller
    4 x module 24 (2 of each type)
    10x silver modules
    12x 8 rails
    52x new 2m cat 5
    4 x 8-way battery chargers
    2800 mha battery for all modules
    power pack for controller

    The controller does not have it's battery cover as I always use the power pack and have misplaced it. One silver module is missing a cue but that can be fixed at Pyrosure and one of the module 24's is a bit slow to power up but that's it! Great system - I can't recommend it highly enough!

    If you just want to add to your existing system then you will know what you're looking at.
    Or if you're new to Pyrosure and you want a professional UK system please see below for more information from Pyrosure:

    The PyroSure Wireless firing system is manufactured using Industry leading components gathered from around the world. The circuitry is manufactured in a clean room environment, soldered and tested by the most advanced computerised production machinery delivering precise and reliable electronic firing of all pyrotechnics. Everything is subjected to a 3 layer waterproofing process.

    The amazing communication technology enables commands including firing scripts to be received, relayed and stored. A single “fire” command is sufficient to complete an entire firework display.

    Fully encrypted, PyroSure sets up a communication network at 2.4 ghz. Scanning 12 channels and the frequencies within the channels, the system establishes a self contained secure private network. Further, every communication is protected by multi level security. The system is password protected for activation and arming modules.

    Each digital module has multiple capacitors producing up to 80 amps of current at 30 volts, enough for hundreds of igniters on every one of the 24 cues. PyroSure can reliably and accurately fire sequences at 0.01 seconds across multiple modules.

    System information is available at all times for every module including signal strength, battery power and cue availability.

    • A serious Electronic Firing System for Wireless Firework Ignition.
    • Multiple Firing Modes.
    • Manual Fire: Highlight a cue to fire a cue or several cues or sequences.
    • Semi Auto: Design a script on the easy-to-use screen, save it on the controller hard drive for use over and over again.
    • Project: Design a show on your PC using approved industry standard applications and save it to a USB memory stick including the music. PyroSure will play the music and fire the show from the USB stick.
    The PyroSure Digital Controller is housed in a rugged heavy duty ABS case with a solid aluminium control panel. One of the main features of the system is the easy to use touch screen with user friendly interfaces.

    Cue selection and entry have never been easier with most functions offering defaults to speed processes up and make the system more self explanatory.

    The simple numeric key pad has 7 function keys used to speed up selection or avoid lengthy command processes. Other features on the controller are an emergency stop button, shows can be resumed at the exact instant it was paused, with or without music.

    Another great feature is the Arm key, which is supplemented by an on screen security code entry. All arm keys are identical, whilst each security code is unique – allocated by the system owner.

    • XLR connection for stereo output to a PA.
    • 2 USB connectors for downloading firing script or supplementary 5v external power source. Power pack consisting of 4 standard AA rechargeable batteries. For low temperature use at -20C see our special low temperature Industrial batteries.
    • A set of 2600 mah batteries can fire several shows. If you require several more hours of operation simply use an external 5V power pack and a USB cable. There is no need to sit with the control panel operating for hours, every aspect of the show can be verified in seconds and fired immediately.
    The system uses one of the most advanced chips in the communications industry. Network set-up automatically scans 12 channels to avoid interference. Each channel has 65,000 network addresses available. It has a range of up to 1.6 km using line of sight.

    PyroSure Modules are compact and manufactured in extruded aluminium. Each module communicates with the Controller, stores information and processes commands. It has one function, to gather information on up to 24 cues and fire them exactly when required. In doing so, in the background, it relays information for up to 98 other modules in the network.

    • The LED display screen provides information on signal strength, battery power and available / connected cues
    • Cue continuity can be checked simply by turning the module on which sends a 2 mah current through every port
    • A temporary loss of signal will not affect the functioning of this self contained unit and is detectable by the Controller
    • Power is supplied by only 4 AA 2000 mah rechargeable batteries providing hours of operating time. Embracing the latest engineering designs has allowed us to have this function, a massive lead acid is simply no longer a site requirement
    • 3 x 18000 uf capacitors are used to provide the fire power, producing 60 amps at 30v
    • Each port can fire hundreds of standard igniters in one hit, upscaling to allow any module to fire many thousands of such igniters in one display across the 24 cues
    • Accuracy of timings for firing cues is provided MOSFET switches. Every port has an individual power circuit, each controlled by a further master circuit
    • Pulse time is fully automated from a standard 80 ms down to 10 ms when the time between cues in one module is as short as 0.01 second
    • Each Module has cue addresses in 6 groups of 4 connectors A(1-4) – F(1-4)
    • Programming a Module is simply done by the main Controller unit transmitting a set of instructions in milliseconds. Confirmation from the Module that it has received the instructions is available
    I can send the system in the post but it is expense with the insurance so if you prefer to collect please do. Collection is preferred.
    If you need any more help or information or have any questions, please drop me a message.
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  3. Thank you pyro Pete For putting up the link and giving recommendations to go through ebay and PayPal

    Pm me if you need any further information and i will be more than happy to answer any questions on hear and ebay and of course compleing transaction on ebay

    Thank you
  4. Hi everyone

    I have just relisted on ebay my v1 pyrosure system iv have broken it down in to lots to see if that's better for people who don't won't the whole lot see below

    Full system
    4x modul 24

    I have 4 x silver 24 cue with rail 8 available
    And 6 x silver 24 cue module available

    You should be able to find it if you search pyrosure on eBay

    Thank you
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  5. Hi, i am interest, contact with me.
  6. EventTech

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    Just because these are v1 Pyrosure, don't believe the silver modules will be out of date if you want to upgrade the controller at a later date. We all know that technology doesn't sit still and neither does Pyrosure. The newer Pyrosure Black comes with canbus and DMX built in at no extra cost but this doesn't make the silver modules obselete as they are compatible to both v1 and v2 controllers.

    If you go down the line of Pyrosure 2 controller, you can mix and match modules too whether, Silver, Blue, Black, Module 24... :)
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  7. Now sold most of the kit only have 6 silver module left on ebay

  8. Hi Mike

    I have now sold most of the kit as well as the orange module 24 only
  9. I want to buy the pyrosure its possible?
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  10. Hi, I’m looking for Modules v1 and Modules orange in box & rail 8.
    It’s urgent to know something.
    Thank you
  11. Pyromania

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  12. Thanks Pyromania its the best!!
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  13. Hi Mike

    Sorry Iv been communicating iv sold most of the kit now wonted a full system to go to some one to use as a hole befor split ie a new pryosure user I have only six siver mods left i would like all six to go as a item I will look in to shipping to spin with insurance I cant seeing it being cheep but I won't send it any outher way I will let you know on ebay I don't normally ship internationally but as your a pyrosure I do my best, you could always invite me over for a holiday and I bring them up over in my hand luggage 5x please
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  15. Thank you for forwarding my link pyromania
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  16. Hello, you can send me a private message with your number and we’ll talk on Whatsapp?
    Thank you
  17. Hi Mike

    I don't use what's app don't yours it after I had a problem with it and sorry I have to adheri to the forum asking me to a deal only on ebay sale
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  18. Hi, to make sure I can send photos of the silver module and 2 Rails to my mail?
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  19. Morning Mike

    I have updated the listing on eBay if you select module with 2x 8 rails you will see photos of the item on eBay now

    I have also added international postage for you also to select

    Best wishes
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  20. Hi everyone

    Iv desided to sell more of my v1 kit

    I still have 6 silver mod available but now I'm selling them with rail 8 and cable

    And also I have 20 x rail 8 and 5 x cat 5 extenders available

    All on ebay if look for pyrosure my listings will pop up

    Thanks for reading any questions drop me a email